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  1. Dog next door woke me up at 6 ... sigh.... they keep it chained to a old truck--that is close to my window.... poor thing just is sad and cries... I went out and tried to talk to neighbors about doing something different, like building a fence.... I have already taken 2 of their dogs to live with me (I have 1/4 of an acre fenced in). Anyhow did not make much headway. Then I went back to my house tried to sleep for a little while, but needed to get up for work. So I went to work... took a walk at lunch to a waterfall (how lucky am I that I can walk to a waterfall). New just finishing the day... I am a little better these days, started doing yoga which is helpful and a new antidepressant. Somewhat afraid of the long weekend... being alone is,well lonely... Wishing everyone a good long relaxing weekend. My heart goes out to those of you who are severely suffering.
  2. Hey Arros101; Also related to your post... depression can be so debilitating.... It is great that you found the forum and there is a lot of support that can be had from here... I am wondering if you have insurance that would cover psychotherapy and/or psychiatry? If not, are you able to see a general practitioner that might be able to prescribe medication... (just a thought I know some people are apposed to medication, but for me it has been helpful). I am sorry you are suffering and hoping that you get a break from the dark cloud of depression soon!
  3. I have been there skblue, good for you for breaking the bed cycle!!!
  4. Went to work, even though I am exhausted.... plan to go to restorative yoga after work.
  5. Thank you for sharing this glfinding-- helped me reflect about what this "holiday" is truly about. The impact war has upon those who have been exposed to it is profound.
  6. This is a great place to post your positive news. Congratulations!!!!
  7. Sounds confusing! Hope that you can find a job that appreciates you!
  8. Hope you are doing ok roadking, separations can be really tough!
  9. Sorry you are feeling this way coolcat... hope you feel better soon!
  10. rhyl; just wanted to say, as others have, how sorry I am this happened to you!!!! It does seem that your workplace should offer you support, but I know that what seems right and just does not always occur... I am wishing there was something I could say or do to make it better for you, so I send you ((((((Hugs))))
  11. Maxine19, your story broke my heart. You deserve to love and be loved. I encourage you to seek professional help, if you have not done so, to aid in your journey towards self acceptance. You are obviously quite bright, I can not imagine maintaining straight A's while undergoing the type of abuse you dealt with in high school. You seem like someone who has much to contribute to the world. Best wishes, Lex
  12. Ladysmurf and Gandolfication, Sorry that if has taken me awhile to provide an update on EMSAM. Unfortunately, I did not tolerate it very well--became increasingly anxious, caused night terrors and night sweats, and increased su i cidal thoughts. Had to come off it after about a week and a 1/2. Now on a cocktail of 60mg of Mirtazapine. 300 seroquel xr and 100 mg of regular seoquel, zolpidem for sleep, and 1 mg lorazepam twice a day for anxiety as needed. I am calmer and have less self-destructive thoughts. Wishing you both the best!
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