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  1. I've recently been diagnosed with dysthymia. I had a sudden onset of anxiety and depression 5 years ago after a period of stress. I've tried many natural routes as well as a 6 month try of 50 mg of zoloft and another 6 months of 10 mg lexapro. I've wondered at time whether or not I really have depression or if it's in my head (I logically know it's not). I have some normal days and many really down days. I function in my daily life with 2 kids. When I'm on vacation, I feel much better although the underlying lack of interest in things that I used to enjoy is still there. I've recently started 100 mg of zoloft and hoping and praying this will get me over the hump. Does anyone else have this experience of feeling better on vacation and/or feeling a little better at night? Thanks!
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