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  1. sorry can not take away the truth of it all, they are mean and rude... YET... they are accepted here more than i am... now how does that work?
  2. i stopped coming here because some of your members are mean jerks who i might add need a lesson in respect...
  3. ive been ignored my entire life by everyone... people in this world are mean and cruel... they dont care for anyone bu themselves
  4. i can start with a little bit of my life... as a child through young adulthood i was pretty much bullied... in and out of school, i never have felt comfortable in society as a whole, which is why i have terrible anxiety... i get so worried about being around strangers that i do most of my shopping at night, usually between 9pm-12am to avoid any or all contact... being treated poorly by adults and peers growing up has severely damaged my thoughts on how people are, do they care? i have serve trust issues too, i feel everyone is out to get me... hard not to think this way after 30+ years of abuse...
  5. im in a deep dark place and its frighteningly comfortable... that is the biggest issue
  6. im slowly ******* myself... no good food, no doctors, been sickly for months... i dont want to get better... i want people to watch me slowly pass away...
  7. i dont know where to start, does anyone truly care?
  8. not sure how or what i want to say at the moment here...
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