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  1. I had too much to drink. I honestly don't even remember doing half of it. That was time I was supposed to be spending fixing my life with my girlfriend. I am scum and I don't deserve anything. I will try to delete these posts. I dont want them there any more than you do. I'd appreciate it though if you wouldn't try to **** my spirit as far as her seeing my stuff. I believe what I need to to stay sane and until I see physical proof that there isn't even a .0001% chance that she could be reading this..which she could..its a public page..i will keep my hope in my heart. All I ever do for other people on here is try to build them up to feel good enough for their CO cuz they ARE. chickening my spirit like that may as well be triggering me. To everyone on the board, and Mila herself if she's out there..i am sorry for the drunken tirade, it wont happen again. I am truly ashamed.
  2. If someone were to ask me what I would feel would be the thing that would feel like the greatest accomplishment on earth I would say that its being able to say you know what its like to feel every inch of you sweet body my sweetest Mila. I ache to touch you everywhere and I ache to hear you moan my name in ecstasy. I will make you feel better than any man ever has u promise you. I CRAVE YOU BABY
  3. rc+mk=eternal love ❤ love me baby.my sweet jackie. Please touch me
  4. Mila kunis please marry me I will stand by you forever. You shine brighter than all the stars. You are so beyond beautiful and I love you. Please notice me. I'm desperate baby.
  5. im longing for you my sweet mila kunis id do anything to feel you.
  6. Mila wont you be my bride I want to touch every inch of your perfect skin. Please be mine.
  7. MILA I love you so much. I want to be your friend with benefits. Please find me and love me. My while life is,falling apart and I still want you. Doesn't that mean something?? What id do to hear you say you love me.
  8. MILA, As I sit here all alone on a friday night cuz my girlfriend needs space, all I can think of is how much I'd want to die if it weren't for the Prozac and booze. But cuz of those things im actually quite pleasant and in la la land with my sweet Jackie. Please stop toying with me and come find me. I tried to get some love from my girl before she left but I guess she feels it isn't a good idea right now so please come take me to heaven before I get the chance to feel sad about that. Look at what my love for you has done to my life. Please give me something.
  9. @audrey822 Yeah I hear ya about the negative things. My gf says all the time when we fight that Mila is pathetic as an actress, lazy actress, slut, nothing special etc.. Meanwhile she shines brighter than all the stars put together! If I'm the only one that sees her that way, GOOD. she's supposed to be mine anyway. The main point I was trying to make to dee63 is that its better to be on the inside than the outside about a secret with a significant other. And now that he already knows about it, it could either drive a wedge between them or not. Then again, my life is falling apart so maybe I shouldn't give advice at all. Haha.
  10. @dee63 I know from my perspective, all I want is to be able to share my obsession with my mate but she's told me time and time again that shell never be okay with it and that's put alot of walls up. If you can find it in yourself to, try to let her share it with you. I know the times I thought I could share it with my girlfriend, I felt closer to her than ever. Accepting it and not making her hide it from you may just bring the two of you closer cuz you're accepting everything about her inside and out. I'd **** for that but as it stands as of yesterday, my girlfriend wants space. She feels so strongly that yesterday she told me that if Mila ever came on tv when she isn't around that I should change the channel just out of respect to her. Not being able to share my obsession with Mila with my mate has taken away some of the comfort I had with her. But I might lose her anyway, who knows. I think if I could have shared my love for Mila with my mate, it may have changed the direction the obsession went completely. Keep that in mind. She needs you. @audrey822 I know what you mean about disciplining yourself to stop while you're ahead. At this point, if I've watched 20 minutes of Mila and I haven't been hurt yet, stop while I'm ahead! I am in serious danger of losing my girlfriend and still the obsession stays. I revealed my issue to my sister yesterday and she actually said that I should send my letter. I'll always be too scared to.
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