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  1. I absolutely despise these parties too. I have a few to go to coming up and it's super stressful being an unfulfilled semi-autist that would prefer track maintenance to going to oblivious normie stuff I just don't fit in only to sit there quietly. It's my blood family, but it's a far from being my "family" and friends if you know what I mean.
  2. Yeah, you'll make it, if you check yourself and make changes as you grow. Being absorbed by fire with all the attudes and stealing is extremely destructive (it ends badly); I hope you learn from you each and every situation and don't get caught in some stuff I know all too well about. Your parents sound abusive in the wrong ways. There's discipline and there's abuse just as your mom should be taking care of you instead of being an insolent teenager. You should talk to someone trustworthy, but be tactful about it. Don't put yourself in a position to become another problem in society, be an asset. Swallow that pride and make the sacrifice. Speak truth where it is needed and get sorted out. The future depends on it.
  3. First, the question is why? Why are you getting this attitude? The answer puts the options on the table. Until that gets answered you need to not panic and descend into chaos.
  4. But all I do is hate... anyway, Don't let them do that to you. You're not truly ****d up in anyway, am I correct on that assumption? Be introspective on the thought. When you let the little s***s f*** with you, they get emboldened by it. I held back knowing I had the devil's gifts of sorts (I can get extremely vicious and cold) and people just walked all over me. Only now do I see the long lasting effects of such mistakes. It's better to be gothic in nature about things than end up eternally damaged by your failure. Be brave and make them stop being *****. Life is an eternal crusade, you either fight or submit. There's a point you get to where you tell your anxiety to "sit the f*** down, I've got this".
  5. Let's see here... *puts on spectacles, cracks open the first book in a multi-volume set of things that annoy me*
  6. I keep my ego in check with such thinking, yet I surely know the damage it does. Life is an eternal crusade; are you going to fight or submit to chaos?
  7. The council judges you as acceptable. Avoid polluting yourself with toxins (the drugs). Trust me, I have polluted myself for well over a decade and I look like ****; not only that but I had a granddad that drank himself to death (it was ugly) and people I knew tap out on drugs (also a right proper old site to see). There is a difference between thinking you're **** and being [****], you don't want to be. The best attitude for social media is **** 'em if they can't take a joke; post your **** and talk with your people even if you don't have anything to start with. As far as I can tell, honesty is the best policy; it'll keep the thots off you and keep yourself from swallowing the well poison. You only need yourself to ascend.
  8. Just keeping the faith. "The strength of the Emperor (God) is Humanity, and the strength of Humanity is the Emperor. If one turns from the other we shall all become the Lost and the Damned."
  9. We all walk in His immortal shadow. Free will is gift enough. We have a choice to rise or fall.
  10. The pills we are speaking on are a treatment, not a cure. That's how they make money off you. If you don't NEED them stay away from them because there are sneaky little side effects that people with an agenda want you to have to make you easier to exploit. It lends credence to the saying, we are over-medicated and undereducated with an unhealthy level of "schooling".
  11. Some don't understand the power of faith. I just wish people would cut the crap and follow something that makes us the best we can be. That's how you make father proud.
  12. Getting angry over my use of the root meaning involving speculation (put simply). This aggression wouldn't happen to be a "muh religion/atheism troll or stem from some kind vendetta now would it? You speculate based on what you observe, hence the term having relations with conjecture.
  13. It's best to go into a private situation to talk about it as seriously as possible. USE THE RIGHT WORDS; half-ass gets you laughed at, because they think it's a joke SO IT GETS TAKEN AS ONE. If you have been checked and don't require meds you are going to have to pony up and learn a little something called stoicism. It's wise not to play with the fire extinguisher or manufacture a fire as an excuse if there is no fire. Take command and own up to your faults; don't be sorry, BE BETTER.
  14. It appears you're flipping a tit over misunderstanding. There is Evolution and then there is The Theory of Evolution. The difference changes things substantially. Do learn the difference before this becomes a s***post quest for thread lock. Notice how I don't deny the well proven fact that pollution affects nature and things change while I do understand that a certain theory is massively theoretical as in it needs to be proven to be scientific fact.
  15. I give preliminary scrutiny as it is needed, for it is said idle hands do the devil's work. Getting it right is the fun part. It is quite interesting how costly a moment of laxity can be. See an issue, think it over, apply the proper solution (this isn't something to be taken lightly). Punishment is to be expected for failure, forgiveness to the worthy. Take note that in the end there are the absolutes of do and do not. As always, prove your worth through action.
  16. That's where you are wrong kiddo. Let's see this from the perspective of our Undying Lord. If you were Him, would you not be displeased with the fair weather members of the congregation? Going to services and receiving a get out of jail free card for merely saying you are a keeper of the faith with out actually being so sounds flakey as hell. Mere proclamation of faith is meaningless if you do not live to prove you are worthy of such an honor.
  17. Given as The Theory of Evolution is also just that, a theory, I am going to hold on to the higher power possibility in partial accordance with the wager. Faith feeds into the natural yearning for hierarchy. Faith is a part of higher purpose and direction in a sea of chaos.
  18. Cheers fam Welcome to my realm, we're both condemned to live.
  19. Even though I believe in the precepts of both, I am considered what you call an agnostic; I seek the truth and lies in them to come to an understanding. Quasi religious beliefs guide me in a sea of post modernism and personal failure. Be careful playing in the Atheist playground; I've seen some nasty bits of bulls*** and nihilism come from where they ironically proclaim strict rational realism. You appear susceptible to certain negative aspects coming from what you have with the taint of chaos. You want and you receive with out realizing what you're accepting. Of course this invites a flame war and admin spanking for getting heated, but I am here to stir the pan and collect goats periodically [through generally non troll measures] none the less.
  20. I have Lamenters level of misfortune myself. I guess stumbling upon this 3 year old thread confirms the thought of the day, "Lo, though the time is dark, my faith shines".
  21. My unique understanding of faith shields me from myself and others (things that lead to straying from the light and descent into falsity). I will tell you, He that is most mighty gathers not the selfish dead to his side; salvation is earned, not given on demand. Punishment is something to be expected for wrong doing. I expect nothing less than judgement for what I have done. That's just how it is. Fire and brimstone things like this guide people on the path to righteousness and slaying of foul beasts that would sure love for you to give yourself over to them. Survival of the grand ideal above all else. Do what is needed over what you want. Don't make haste with a cheap exit seeking riches for self. Service eternal. "Lo, though the time is dark, my faith shines"
  22. You might be the only one... jk JK. You see that ladder over there? Can you grab on to it and climb out before you die or something?
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