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  1. I've never heard any guy say, just be nice and they love you. It would make sense but a lot of things that make sense don't work. Maybe the hookers need the money and if they don't get it they are even worse off. Idk... I'm done being the nice guy. It doesn't work. At least I won't feel walked on either way.
  2. Blah whatever, Thank you for a real no bulls*** answer! BTW, is your profile pick from American psycho? I'm not knocking the other answers. All input is welcome. This one just strung a chord. I try to live my life much the same way tbh. I went to Europe for 6 weeks alone because no one else I knew had the balls. I go camping alone because that's where I find my peace and can't find anyone that goes for the same reasons. Besides the woods are one place I prefer solitude. I go out to eat alone because I have no one to go with and... well... I want a nice meal. Ect. Ect. I don't mind being alone some of the time, in fact I need it more than most. I also need to be loved though. I just feel so empty. I do need that validation. I think the answer to my subject question is plan another big goal and just do it. Maybe I'll go to south America this time. Oh... and I live in Reno. A quick Google search shows plenty of beautiful hookers here. Next paycheck I'm on my way! I'll give it a try anyways. It's anyways seemed weird to have to resort to a prostitute... but... to he'll with it. A new experience is always welcome.
  3. Lol, I don't just go running around telling people that. It's more often hanging out and feel stuck inside myself not knowing what to say and extremely uncomfortable until the date or whoever either waits until dinner is over and practically runs out the door or I leave their house and don't get invited back. The times I actually tell someone that are therapists or maybe a friend that sees I'm depressed and asks what's wrong. Thanks for the input
  4. I hate to say it's nice to know im not the only one with this issue, but I guess misery loves company.?... anyways, it sure seems like i am though. Most everyone else companionship comes so naturally. Whenever I've told people I don't know how to carry a conversation they look at me like I'm inhuman. Because it's just something they do without thinking or of having to try. And its not that I get dates... it's more like i have gotten dates... maybe 6 or 7 girls have gone out with me total. Dating sites suck tbh. Even tinder, I get a match... then say hello or something and all of a sudden it dissapears. They must have a 6th sense that I dont fit. I'm sorry that I'm all whaaaa whaaaa, doom and gloom. That's really not me. At work im the happy joker most days unless this crap is getting to me. I cant decide if its nice to know others are going through the same thing or even worse that others also have no path to overcome this bull. I'm an ASM ART at work so im all about solutions and making a solution work. I'm pretty good at it too. It's just beyond frustrating when I try so many different things and not only find no solution, but find no way for it to get better. Im sorry but "dont give up and keep trying" just does not point to an action that will make things better. Things don't happen magicly... change needs action to be realized. I'll keep thinking for the time being and maybe come up with something.
  5. Thank you for the honesty, everyone. It's refreshing.
  6. Didn't answer the question I asked. I'm trying not to be an ass, but the more I try the worse I feel. Continuing to try will end me up in a coffin. Maybe that's just the answer...
  7. Hi all, thanks for beimg here. I'm an introvert. I've lived alone for the last 13 years of my 36, and mostly alone many years before that. Ive always had issues being social, but mostly ok with that. It's just the way I am. What gets to me more and more is no companion. I go on dates but rarely get a second and never a 3rd. I'm boring with nothing of substance to say, even most of the time with people im comfortable with. My mother is dead, and my father is an a******. Haven't talked to him in well over 10 years now. The rest of my family is indifferent. All of my friends end up walking away. I'm alone. Just alone. I'm not bad looking, successful in my career, and can take care of myself just fine. The problem is I don't connect well with others and when I do I need it so bad I latch on and scare girls away. I've tried and tried to get.over this. People say i need to just "get out there" but the constant failures leave me suicidal. I've tried 3 times and one of them I should have died. Pure chance i didn't. I recently found an awesome girl that I thought liked me but now I'm pretty sure she is leading me on and waiting for me to go away. So much easier for them and so hurtful to me. The loss of hope again is nearly unbearable. When i wake i cry. I lay awake at night trying to get the courage to succeed at suicide. I'm not there yet. But maybe in the near future. My point is this. I will never have a girlfriend. Never have kids or a family that cares. How do i come to terms with that? How do i stop hurting when i see a family at the park, or a couple kissing outside the movie theater? I really have a pretty great life, but that one missing piece hurts too much to enjoy anything. I dont know whato do anymore. Thanks for listening.
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