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  1. My dreams are so weird sometimes its hard to even figure them out, I dont know what they mean most of the time and sometimes wreck my brain trying to figure them out.... A lot of the time I can dream of dead relatives, friends long gone and being back in school...
  2. Just a question for you guys an honest question. Have any of you ever turned to alcohol at a time of severe depression. I have done it again recently have been drinking alcohol a lot of the last two weeks. Strangely enough I have sort of improved a little over the last few weeks no thanks to the alcohol though mostly due to changing other aspects of my lifestyle such as washing more and buying new clothes, but this depression is something you just cant kick no matter what you do. I do not ask this question to encourage alcohol abuse, I must make that clear. What made you resort to alcohol? Would anyone like to share their own personal story?
  3. I often wonder the same about some of my old "friends". sometimes I feel like they have completely forgotten me even though I could never forget them. I eventually gave up trying to get back close to them because I realized they didn't want it, they want to move on and there is nothing i can do. Yes memories can be a beautiful thing, but they can also be a nightmare. Even the best memories can be a curse during depression
  4. Thank you CoolCat, but it feels so old lol
  5. Hi all, feeling down in the dumps today the depression has hit really hard, today i turn 25 and haven't felt this bad in quite a few months. Is this common with depression has anyone ever been through this??? I was a little sad at christmas too but that was more because i was really ill with asthma and a vomiting bug..... Thanks.
  6. No they certainly dont, thanks for the reply
  7. Sorry to hear that, thanks for the feedback
  8. I know this is hard and I have touched on it before, but you have no right to impose yourself on anybody. If they want to move on you should let them and maybe you can move on for the better too. Sorry if that sounds insensitive i once felt the same way then realized im not entitled to anyones friendship and i was lucky to have it all those years.... I have previously posted on this very site of a similar situation and to be honest it bothers me now and again but most times i can just blank it, i am happy for all the years of friendship but sometimes we all have to move on ye know like they say all good things must come to an end...
  9. Sorry to hear about your dad, but happy to hear about your daughter... Thanks for sharing Hope all is well and goes well for you
  10. Everyone looks terrible under fluorescent lighting unfortunately.
  11. I'm sorry to hear you had to go through such a thing, hopefully the rest of you're life is forwards and upwards.
  12. Sorry to hear that man, I hope you can at least encounter a high light and i hope you can soon
  13. People are like that on the internet the anonymity makes them feel they can treat people however they feel, Never take anything anyone says over internet sites to heart. They don't mean it and are most likely trying to make themselves feel good by putting others down.
  14. Nobody on this site knows of this illness??? Surprised no one has commented something about it.
  15. That has also happened to me, sometimes I think it is better when people are just out straight and blunt about it because you know where you stand with them. But then it can be worse depending on your humor because you may want to hold on to a little hope that the friendship isn't dead, and maybe they are just going through some stuff. Really depends on what mood you're in when you think about it I guess.
  16. Hey man hope things can get better for you, welcome to the site.
  17. I know how you feel man, trumps win is going to directly effect my country too, how could anyone vote for him I dont know.
  18. I know pal, life can go from good to bad, or anywhere in between in a heart beat. But on the bright side it can go from bad to good just as quick and its a pleasant surprise when that happens.
  19. Hope you will all feeling better someday.
  20. I can seriously relate to being depressed for at least the majority of my life.
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