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  1. Wanting to share my story of how photography saved my life (my tedx talk) and hear how photography has helped you (if it has). I've struggled intensely with severe depression and anxiety throughout my life and the one thing that has helped me the most is photography (obviously among many other tools). Photography allowed me to finally start expressing everything that I was feeling and wanting to say about these issues and my experience of them, but also externalize them to get them out of my head so that I could start to analyze them better and see it as something separate from me. Essentially, I found it as a much easier process to start opening up and sharing what I was going through so that I could eventually talk about it with people and get proper help/support. I could share a lot more about how it has helped me, but I'm really interested in opening up the conversation around this and hearing your experiences with photography and if it's been healing for you.
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