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  1. Hey, just want to let all of you know I'm okay but I probably won't be able to get back on these forums for a very long time.

    Love you all,


    1. Azealia



    2. Natasha1


      See you sooner than you say i hope. Hugs 

    3. carter_burn1


      I just thought about you out of nowhere, pal...this last status update is a bit concerning, but I'll trust you when you say you're okay. If you read this, take this next to heart, pal...you are going to be okay. You're a conscientious young man with a lot of love in his heart. I've seen you set aside your own issues time and again to try to help others. There's a selflessness about you that isn't common in humans, let alone those as young as you. Remember what I told you...stand and be true, Jake  ;P  You'll be fine, lad, and you know my number whenever you get the chance to drop a line. Love ya, kid.



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