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  1. Here's a s***ty poem I wrote...

    I look around,
    Things so hazy,
    I feel nothing,
    Think I'm going crazy,
    I tell myself it'll all be okay,
    All this will go away someday,
    But for how long can I lie,
    How long can I hold back the urge to die,
    I want to give up every day,
    I see no other way,
    But I keep pushing forward,
    In hopes the future will hold a reward,
    I silently cry,
    As I sit down and wonder why,
    Why does this world crush me down,
    A world where it's normal to be pushed around,
    You put up with others bulls***,
    Their words like a bullet,
    The loneliness eats you alive,
    Making it so hard to survive,
    A knife, a bottle, your only friends,
    Everything else a fiend,
    Demons haunt you day and night,
    How easy it would be to end the fight,
    Give up, surrender, let them win,
    Why not just give in?


    Hope you all have been okay.

    I'm doing pretty sh!tty.

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