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  1. I am on 25mg a day. After about 2 months on it I attempted to up to 50mg and it made me feel numb, so I went back down. I am very happy with Sertraline and what it has done for me!
  2. Hi Tay!! it took about 2 weeks for me to notice any difference and then about a month and a half before I could confidently tel a difference in myself with meds and myself before meds. I have not posted here in awhile and I just went back and read my initial post, and wow. Just wow. This medication has done so much for me in the short time I have been on it. I am so very grateful for it. I was in such a hopeless state then. Yes, I still have days where I am anxious and my brain does not shut up. But the depression is few and far between and NOTHING compared to what it was. My family can tell a difference as well. It has allowed me to be the person I really am without depression. good luck! And feel free to ask any questions you might have :)
  3. I found that taking mine right before bed helped with the initial anxiety I was feeling throughout the day, but did not help my sleep:/ no sleep is actually why I swapped to early morning. I have read a lot about taking it before bed decreasing unwanted side effects throughout the day, though!
  4. Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been replying. I was gone to the beach this weekend. Let me ask, what time of day are you guys taking your meds?
  5. Hey everyone. I'm actually doing really, really well. I just had my 2 week check up with my doctor as I fall in the age range of increased risk for suicidal thoughts. I told him I had been taking half a pill and had seen improvement so he suggested I stay with the 25mg as long as it was working for me! I'm happy to be on a low dose:) I honestly did not have many side effects at all two sleepless nights, irritability, and I have some extremely vivid dreams now have been the only ones:) I'm really hoping this keeps up and that it's not all just in my head ? I hope you are all doing well!!
  6. So I took my first pill last night. Broke one of my 50mg in half... I'd like to try that for a week and then go up to the full 50 prescribed? Anyone else done this? I hope everyone who has responded so far is doing well and had a good weekend. Kept you all in my thoughts and prayers!
  7. Mark, I hope that it works out for you! I know how miserable it is waking up every day just wanting not to feel this way anymore. I've, honestly, read more success stories than horror stories about Zoloft. So I hope that it is the same for all three of us!!
  8. I'm in the same place, so miserable I'll try anything... It is not a fun place to be... Waking up every day just wanting to remember what it's like to feel Normal. I haven't ever taken any other AD's this will be my first >.< and I feel the same way, I find comfort in knowing I'm not the only one with these feelings!
  9. Thank you both for your replies!! Linzee, You simply stating that anti depressants have in fact helped you in he past is more comforting to me than you could ever know!! I have a tendency of reading TOO much and I scare myself!! I have to also remind myself that people are more apt to write a review when they are dissatisfied than when they are satisfied.. Congratulations on being pregnant again! That also gives me hope for my future and the marriage and children that I want!!
  10. Hello. I am new to these forums and actually being a poster, but reading them in the past has helped me cope. So I figured why not just straight up ask my question? Ive been struggling with anxiety and depression for the past year and a half. I've always had mild anxiety but it has increased tremendously in this year and a half span. About a year ago I went to my doctor in hopes he would refer me to a good mental health professional. But, instead, he immediately tried to prescribe me Zoloft. I have always been weary of meds because I've read so many conflicting things. So I left that day with no prescription and found my own therapist. Therapy helped my anxiety by leaps and bounds. But the depression not so much. It was almost like now that the anxiety was gone, the depression is eating me alive... its gotten to a point where I cannot take feeling this miserable anymore. I don't think about ******* myself, but I think about how it would be just fine with me if I died because I just don't want to feel this way anymore.. so, I went back to my PCP and he prescribed me Zoloft. I haven't started yet because I'm scared to... I guess I am just in need of some reassurance that I should give this drug a shot. I am worried because I still want to feel joy and happiness. And I want to feel sad when that's appropriate too. I just don't want the roller coaster of emotions I feel right now. I have also ready things that say it made people love their partners less, and I am extremely afraid of this too. I want to marry my boyfriend and the thought of a pill changing that and the possibility of me not even realizing it's the pill doing it, terrifies me... :( any comfort anyone could offer or heads up for what to expect would be great... thank you!
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