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  1. I all ways feel when I wake up in the morning is the worst time of the day
  2. Thank you all for your replys I feel if I'm on social media to much that I get depressed and anxiety because it looks like life is so good for them.
  3. I feel when I'm on the internet for long periods of time that I of then get depressed. Does anyonehere feel the same?
  4. I found for me that when I was out of work I got bored that lead me to be depressed. I could not get a job and felt live was passing me by.
  5. I have not travelled to other countries but I would like too.
  6. @feeling_lostthat same way I feel. I feel that the place I live is just dead boring and I would much better living some were else.
  7. In my view Ireland is a failed state. I find it a embarrassment to be Irish.
  8. @scienceguy I'm sorry to hear that. What I don't like about been Irish. It hard to say it rain a lot here and Irish people are jerks. I feel like it a cure to be Irish. It feel like i'm missing out so much in life. You should not feel bad for what your grandparents did, it was grandparents that did that not you.
  9. It hard to place this in words but Ireland feels like it in black and white. People say it must be great been Irish but I don't see any thing great about it. To be honest I could make a list of reasons why I wish I was not Irish.
  10. I wish that I was not born in Ireland and days I get very depressed about been Irish.
  11. Do you ever feel like your all was worried even that you have nothing to be worried about?
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