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  1. Please set up Discord and use this link to chat with us: https://discord.gg/bxq9BKq

    All the best :)

  2. We miss you, hope you're OK xxx

    1. Jalen


      I'm with peach. We miss you, are you ok?

  3. Hey, gandolf....noticed you hadn't posted a status for awhile. Hope all is well. Xo, C

    1. gandolfication


      Hey thanks Clarissa.  Much appreciated.

      I've been sick with croup virus the family got, but also not doing well from depression recently.  I'm back at work this morning and came here to help ease the anxiety as I get back in.

      I have really not been doing well lately, and things feel hopelessly bleak.

      Anyhow, it is very nice of you to check in and inquire - I much appreciate it.


  4. Hey, Corbin, From what you have written here it seems like your parents are frustrated and discouraged. You seem frustrated and discouraged, too. It seems like there is an adversarial relationship that has developed between all of you that isn't good for people who are trying to live together comfortably under difficult circumstances. You need your parents help right now to provide you with food, housing and access to health care until you are able to provide this independently for yourself. I'm sure your family would not see you out in the world without a way to provide for your basic needs in life. Maybe you could sit down with a therapist or psychiatrist to talk over these differences with the benefit of a third party. In order for people to be able to live together well everyone's needs have to be met. Having a third party sit down with all of you could help to address and resolve these conflicts you are having so you can all live together more contentedly. Hope this is helpful, Corbin. Living with parents when you are an adult is almost always tough. Best Wishes to you all. Xo, C
  5. Hey, Natasha, I'm so sorry to hear about the constant panic attacks. I have had them like that before, too. It can be pretty scary and also uncomfortable. The only times having panic attacks back-to-back like that has happened before is after having one panic attack. It was like after the initial panic attack the following attack came on more easily and repeated itself over and over. Eventually it did stop but it lasted about a day. Usually when I have one main attack laying down in bed and breathing deeply helps to stop them. When it doesn't I just keep in mind that it is a panic attack I am having and that it will eventually go away. I look at them as a signal to myself that things are too stressful, I need to practice better self care or just generally tone things down in my life a bit. Don't know if this any of this is helpful. Just wanted you to know I've had them back to back before, too. Hope they pass soon for you, Natasha! Xo, C
  6. Hey, puppies.... What a tough spot to be in....I'm sorry that your husband is suffering and that it is putting this strain on the family. I can say from my experience dealing with depression that finding help with it can be a long, slow uphill battle. All a depressed person wants is a magic pill or solution that will take the depressed feelings away. Sometimes it can take many different attempts with different meds and therapeutic regimens before a person finds one that works. It can take a few months before people begin to feel the effects of meds or therapeutic regimens for depression. This can be an extremely discouraging and frustrating process. Many people end up feeling like your husband does right now. Please let your husband know that he is not alone in how he is feeling or in his struggles. Please let him know that many of us here have been through what he is going through now and some are going through it this very minute. Things can and do improve sometimes right out of the blue or once you hit upon the right kind of treatment. It just takes time. It is not unusual to feel fatigued from the mental health process when you have been at it for awhile and have experienced a number of frustrations. Maybe give your husband a little time and space to step back from the process for awhile and let him revisit it when he is ready. He is incredibly fortunate to have such a highly recomended psychiatric doctor to be willing to work with him. Helping him to get into therapy could give him some extra support surrounding his situation at the moment. The therapist might be able to help encourage him to move forward in pursuit of his wellness, too. Your husband is fortunate to have such a loving and encouraging partner by his side through this struggle. Don't forget to take good care of yourself, too. We are here for you if you need us. : ) Xo, C
  7. Vosty, keep posting more! You are only seven posts away from being able to come back to chat. Shouldn't take much time at all. We'd love to have you. Xo, C
  8. Hey, Anonymous.... I have had depression a lot of my life and have always had a hard time with people who seem to be able to exist so comfortably in a more superficial, happy and bubbly plane of life. It's a stretch to try to be that way thouggh it seems the "American" way of being, what many people identify with and what most employers seem to want. I'm not sure what causes the difference in me being and perceiving things the way I do and they being and conceiving things they way they do. It can be very isolating, though, so I do understand. The chat here on the forum is a great place to connect to people. Maybe here are other online social groups where you could find people to connect with along shared lines of interest as well. I definitely understand the frustration. You are not alone in feeling how you do or being the way you are. I think you might be surprised to find the number of people who relate to what you have taken the time to share. Glad to have you with us, Anonymous. : ) Xo, C
  9. People are involuntarily committed all the time. When a person is involuntarily committed they lose many rights as an individual and go into the custodial care of the State Commissioner of Mental Health for the period of treatment. The period of treatment is determined by the treatment provider. Beyond the initial period of committment the state must move to continue treatment usually about every three months. Because of this a treatment period of three months is not unusual. It just happens less frequently because there are fewer beds for people to go to these days. In order to be involuntarily committed a qualified mental health professional or other person of interest (police officer, family member) must demonstrate in court that a person is a person in need of treatment because they pose an immediate danger to themselves or others. Because of this it is possible that Heck could be involuntarily committed at the time he visits his psychiatrist but it seems unlikely since he is actively seeking treatment. Psychiatric hospitals can be a safe place to go when a person is in crisis. It is usually a pretty sterile, clean, safe environment. There are staff that are trained to make sure you are safe and to observe your symptoms. A lot of that observation happens in groups you will be asked to participate in. There are usually games and art supplies to help pass the time. A lot of time spent in psychiatric hospitals is waiting. Waiting for a med to kick in, waiting to see the psychiatrist, waiting for the next group, waiting for the next meal, waiting for bedtime. In some ways it can be nice to have a break from the grind. Expect to run into patients with a range of different mental health issues. Some of the symptoms they present may make them seem scary, some might have had dealings with the law and have been transferred to a mental health facility from jail. Sometimes the boredom and personalities will lead to conflicts among patients. Sometimes there will be bullying, arguments or fights. Patients may become violent. Because of this it is usually best to be congenial with fellow patients but to keep strong boundaries. If things get hectic you can always go into your room and shut the door. It costs about $1,500.00 a day to stay at a mental health hospital. Someone has to pay the cost of the stay. Due to this high cost a lot of pressure is on the hospital to justify the treatment of the patient. They must also keep meticulous records. Because of the high cost of running hospitals a lot of the workers there are overworked and underpaid. Sometimes there is a feeling of stigma that comes from the staff directed at the patients there. As though you are somehow not human or deserving of respect. It never hurts to keep in mind how hard their job is and to cut them some slack. However, should you receive improper treatment there or should conditions interfere wih your treatment, know there is a patient bill of rights and usually contact info for a mental health advocate available. The best way to get good results from the experience is to treat the staff with respect, conduct yourself as a respectable human being and not a "crazy person," demonstrate that you are committed to the treatment plan and have friends and family "on the outside" come to visit so it can be seen that you have support. Hope this is helpful. I am really glad you are reaching out for support in this and hope you are successful in finding the relief you seek. Good luck with it, Heck! Keep us posted. : ) Xo, C
  10. Hey, Bunny, I'm really sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately it has been my experience that it is something that happens a lot. Especially among women. Relationships offer a lot as far as a feeling of acceptance, belonging, companionship and recreation. They can also bring bad stuff with them too. People aren't perfect. Everyone has their own issues and insecurities and sometimes they manifest themselves in relationships in negative ways. It can be really hard to maintain a three way friendship. Usually someone always ends up feeling like the third wheel. This can breed insecurity and competition which aren't great qualities to have in relationships. If there are insecurities or a need to compete there already things can become pretty potent pretty quickly. Not all people are subject to jealousy, insecurity and manipulative, destructive behavior in relationships. People who feel more confident in themselves and in who they are don't feel as much a need to behave this way. I would try to look at this unfortunate experience as an opportunity to learn more about people so you aren't as vulnerable and blind-sided to this kind of behavior in the future. I think probably many of us, especially women, have been through this kind of experience in relationships and it really, really sucks. : ( Hang in there, Bunny. We're here for ya. : ) Xo, C
  11. No reason to apologize! I just thought you might enjoy checking out the thread. It's pretty active and there are some really nice people there. Hope you enjoy. : ) xo, C
  12. Hey, Laurlayne, Welcome to the forum. Love what you have written! The use of IT is very clever and I think a lot of us can relate to what you have taken the time to put down. In Depression Central there is a very active thread called "Creativity When Depressed, Part Two" where DF users share and comment on creative writing. We have some really creative writers among our community here and many who find it helpful to express their feelings in writing this way. Since you're new you might enjoy taking a peek at the thread. I bumped it to the top of unpinned threads in this forum to make it easier to find for ya. I'm sure the group will be really happy to have you aboard! : ) Glad to have you with us! Xo, C
  13. Hey, Alex, So glad to hear you are coming out of a period of depression! I have certainly had that experience of lower confidence and "rustiness" that comes with being out of commission for awhile. What helped for me was anything to build my confidence. Whether it was a new haircut, makeup, buying a new outfit, exercising to tone up, volunteer work that made me feel good about contributing....anything to boost my self esteem. Even if for now it is just coming here to the forum to practice conversing/relating to people and offering them insights you have gained from your own experiences: that can be confidence-building, too. Most importantly, try to stick with whatever plan of wellness that has allowed you to get back to this stronger state of being and stay the course. We're cheering for you, Alex! : ) Xo, C
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