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  1. Would you consider that rude? Seems kind of like a short way to answer a question.
  2. Nah I'm pretty sure some people are straight up ignoring me because they do it all the time.
  3. Seems like I get ignored by people all of the time. I've had enough. Going to start keeping a "shit list" and put the ignores on it so I know who to ignore. Not putting up with this anymore.
  4. Not sure this is the right place to post this but I feel like my form of mental illness involves me getting upset with people. I'm diagnosed with clinical depression and am taking medication. These days I don't usually get sad but I do get upset with people a lot. The situation that is is causing me upset is that I have a couple of coworkers that tend to ignore me. I've been going to my manager about it because I don't know what else to do. I have a feeling that going to my manager is making me be seen as a "taddling" on them but I don't know how else to get the job done. I think my manager thinks I'm trying to stir up trouble. Any advice? I don't really want to go to these coworkers and talk about how I feel like I'm being ignored because I basically did that before and was accused of being confrontational. Plus the fact that I don't really like them at this point. But I have to get their help on things in order to get my job done. Any advice?
  5. Thanks. Do people usually go through this kind of deal and maybe I'm just more sensitive to it?
  6. So the past six times that I've called my cousin he has not answered. I don't think I did anything to make him mad with me. I've texted him and asked him if he's mad with me and he says he's not. Yet he still doesn't answer the phone for me. How would you guys handle this?
  7. So ive been working with this customer for about six months and he has always been pretty nice but today he snapped at me. I had sent him an email with a question and he replies back sorta like this: "NO! And this <blah blah blah> is why!" I seem to have issues with people losing patience with me like this throughout my life. Reminds me of my dad who would basically kind of yell at me if I made a mistake and get really angry with me, telling me that I need to pay attention. Also reminds me of my mom calling me and yelling at me about a year ago after I let the dog out to go to the bathroom. The dog ran off and she yelled at me and was like "you need to f****** pay attention!!!". I can't help but feel belittled by this when people treat me like this. What should I do?
  8. I can't really think of more examples right now. I think he's just a jerk.
  9. I did but I don't think he cared.
  10. Wanted to get yalls thoughts on this. I have a coworker that I'm not sure if the way he's talking to me is appropriate or not. For example he's working on a project and I suggest something that I thought might help him and points out how it won't work and then says "don't worry about it". I'm fine with him telling me it won't work but I feel like the "don't worry about it" statement is demeaning and trying to tell me what to do. Thoughts?
  11. Wanted to get yalls opinion on this. A couple of years ago my cousin and I got into an argument and we worked it out. Had to do with the fact that I was depressed and told him but felt like he wasn't really there for me. Anyways I brought it back up a couple of months later and then ended up apologizing telling him I was in a bad mood. But then he said something like "ok but I don't want you bringing this up again" to which I replied "what? No you're not going to dictate what I can bring up or not". He ended up telling me to leave him alone. So I quit talking to him but then some time later I reached out to him and all was good. I told him I didn't really agree with him but I'll move on. Fast forward to now, a couple of years later, and Im still thinking that was wrong of him to try to dictate what I can bring up or not. Thinking I should just delete his number off my phone and not talk to him anymore. We don't really talk much anyways and I'm not really sure I like him anymore because of all of this. What do yall think? Also I wanted to point out that he said something to me like "do you realize how childish that is?" when referring to me telling him that he didn't say anything supportive when I was depressed. Thoughts? I know this is a depression forum but for me anger ties in reality deeply (anger at people) with my depression.
  12. I appreciate you trying to help but I just don't see things that way. If they don't put in any effort then they weren't a friend to begin with. Expecting them to try isn't really a high expectation. I'm just gonna forget them too.
  13. Ya I shouldn't have to tell them to contact me first. I'll just go without them as friends even if that means I now have no friends. Better to have no friends than fake friends.
  14. Sure. For example I'm mad at a few people because I'm always the one putting in the effort to contact them. They don't contact me. Also, being angry that your girlfriend left you for a friend sounds reasonable to be.
  15. Yep I've dealt with it. Rexulti helps quite a bit. You might give it a try.
  16. I hear ya. Why have so many people acted s***ty towards me?
  17. I'm usually angry at people with good reason. Atleast in my opinion. Someone else would probably see it as childish. Psychotherapy doesn't work for me. Medication (Rexulti) does but I can't keep taking it.
  18. I've dealt with depression (sadness) for years. When I was put on Rexulti i noticed that my anger at everyone pretty much went away and it helped tremendously with making my sadness go away. However, I can't tolerate this medication because it's interfering with my sleep big time and I'm too sleepy the next day to work. It's not causing insomnia by any means but it's doing SOMETHING to mess up my sleep. I had the doctor switch me to Abilify and it's not interfering with my sleep like Rexulti was. It helps alot with anger (towards everyone) but there's still some left over anger going on. I also don't feel sad so it's as if it is helping with depression. I'm not sure what to do. I can't work while taking Rexulti and this left over anger makes me miserable. Any suggestions? Also, is me being angry with everyone part of depression? Or is it maybe a slightly-bipolar thing?
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