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  1. Z Diggity Dog

    Can depression make you upset with everyone?

    I appreciate you trying to help but I just don't see things that way. If they don't put in any effort then they weren't a friend to begin with. Expecting them to try isn't really a high expectation. I'm just gonna forget them too.
  2. Z Diggity Dog

    Can depression make you upset with everyone?

    Ya I shouldn't have to tell them to contact me first. I'll just go without them as friends even if that means I now have no friends. Better to have no friends than fake friends.
  3. Z Diggity Dog

    Can depression make you upset with everyone?

    Sure. For example I'm mad at a few people because I'm always the one putting in the effort to contact them. They don't contact me. Also, being angry that your girlfriend left you for a friend sounds reasonable to be.
  4. Z Diggity Dog

    Treatment resistant depression

    Yep I've dealt with it. Rexulti helps quite a bit. You might give it a try.
  5. Z Diggity Dog

    Can depression make you upset with everyone?

    I hear ya. Why have so many people acted s***ty towards me?
  6. Z Diggity Dog

    Can depression make you upset with everyone?

    I'm usually angry at people with good reason. Atleast in my opinion. Someone else would probably see it as childish. Psychotherapy doesn't work for me. Medication (Rexulti) does but I can't keep taking it.
  7. I've dealt with depression (sadness) for years. When I was put on Rexulti i noticed that my anger at everyone pretty much went away and it helped tremendously with making my sadness go away. However, I can't tolerate this medication because it's interfering with my sleep big time and I'm too sleepy the next day to work. It's not causing insomnia by any means but it's doing SOMETHING to mess up my sleep. I had the doctor switch me to Abilify and it's not interfering with my sleep like Rexulti was. It helps alot with anger (towards everyone) but there's still some left over anger going on. I also don't feel sad so it's as if it is helping with depression. I'm not sure what to do. I can't work while taking Rexulti and this left over anger makes me miserable. Any suggestions? Also, is me being angry with everyone part of depression? Or is it maybe a slightly-bipolar thing?
  8. Z Diggity Dog

    I can't stop feeling worthless

    You might but the book called "Feeling Good: the new mood therapy" by David Burns. It's an excellent book that is very helpful with depressive thoughts. Medication also helps, at least in my case. If you're already on an antidepressant then you might consider adding something like Abilify or Rexulti. When my doctor added Rexulti it made a huge difference.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you. My mom is mean to me. So I've cut off contact with her and am starting to do the same with other family and friends who ignore me when I text them. I figure I don't need these people in my life.
  10. Z Diggity Dog

    What does depression feel like for you?

    For me it's a combination of feeling sad and being angry at people.
  11. Z Diggity Dog

    Dealing with anger

    Thanks! That helps alot.
  12. Z Diggity Dog

    Dealing with anger

    I think I've kinda figured out how to deal with anger at people a little bit. Part of it is being on medication. The other part is breathing deeply and imagining my exhaled as the anger leaving my body. The other part is feeling forgiveness towards the person. However, forgiving the person doesn't mean that I still have to associate with them. Seems to work pretty well. Anyone else have more ideas on how to deal with anger?
  13. Z Diggity Dog

    Angry with my cousin

    "People don't owe you anything" I disagree with this. People owe each other respect. I just gotta figure out a way to not associate with them but not feel the burning anger. EDIT: Oops I responded to comment on a really old post. I thought the comment was on the post that I made last night.
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    I'm pretty mad at my cousin right now. He has a history of ignoring my texts when I send him a link to something interesting or funny. I sent him a link several days ago and he didn't respond. So I sent it again a couple of times. Can anyone relate?