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  1. I'm starting to think that people get crazier when they get older. Like, whatever bad personality traits you had or mental issues you had when younger get ten times worse when you get older. This is especially true in my case.
  2. I've been taking to this gal at work and she gave me her phone number. We've been texting back and forth a lot and I've recently pointed out to her that she doesn't come over at work and talk to me like she does with some of my other coworkers. So she texts me back saying "come on don't be like that". I'm not sure what she means by that though. Any ideas?
  3. I'm starting to think that they're all just a bunch of weirdos.
  4. No problem. Thanks for responding to my post. Ya in many cases it might just be about them and not me.
  5. When I CC my boss they don't do anything about it. I get the impression that they don't have time for it.
  6. Ya I think we're considered a vendor. The issue though is with my coworkers ignoring me.
  7. I hear ya but just putting up with people ignoring me isn't working.
  8. Yep you're probably right. Thanks for responding to my post!
  9. One of my coworkers that ignores me pinged me today and so I finally had the chance to ignore him back! Felt so good. He ignores my emails but I ping him directly on our instant messaging app. I see him responding to other emails that I'm CCd on so I know he's doing this to me. I'm not even going to say hi back to him anymore when I see him in the office. Same for the other folks who do this to me. As for family who do this, I'm not going to have anything to do with them anymore.
  10. Ya I'm just going to have nothing to do with these people anymore. Even if it means that I have no friends.
  11. Hi there. I've got a cousin who tends to ignore my texts for example. I sent him a text yesterday with a joke and he never responded.
  12. I have several people at my job and a few people in my family who tend to ignore me pretty consistently. Why do people do this? Is it like a power thing?
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