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    Too watch movies ..a lot and series too, To read books (fictional), to try differnt food of different country!!! etc etc..

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  1. Why life has never happy ending in anything !:dontgetit: First i lost my Dad and now when i need love one the most I lost that too. I thought he was going to be in every step of my life but i guess im wrong how can he do that to me when im having so much pain ... when i loose my father!! such a selfish person !! How come i always make wrong decision in my life! It is really depressing !!



  2. Thank you all for your consoling word!!
  3. Losing some one dear to you is really hard !! DAD ILL MISS YOU!! REST IN PEACE
  4. thank you every one .. well my problem is that i am not good with communicating ... and not expressive.. also my dads in last stage cancer and there is this respnsibility to take care of sisters and granny and home .. and also there is of course my study and exam .. and since its law i am having really great trouble coping up with my family and my study situation .. and becoz of these exam my fustration level has reaced its limit .. i feel like giving it up.. actually i have been thinking it for quite a while .. since i cant catch up with my study!! Corbin thank you!! so answer your question there was this presentation i have to do in front of my class which i prepared at home very nicely ( at least i think so) but due to my shyness i just could not present well when i was in the stage i got so nervous that my head start to spin and i was blank .. it was so embarassing .. to my team .. well i dont exactly know how i developed this shyness.. but i guess the environment i was in.. i mean the place where i grew up did have people my age and i didnt have my age people to talk or play . i used to play by myself at home almost everytime..so i think this is the cause and i also i am afraid that what i say to people is not important and silly and m afraid to make being make fun of!!!
  5. Hello!! I am Sista and.. well i am really shy person and this is my first time talking like this kind of forum..and its a very big step for me .. for now I just want to say " I need help"!!!
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