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  1. why i breath hard and why there is pain in my chest ... i have ibs and i also have panic attack and desprition and anxiety and stress i took citalopram am on my 10th day when am gonna be ok ?
  2. hello am taking citalopram for desperation and am on my 2nd week i also have some anxiety problem .. and i hardly breath ... and i feel dizzy when i stand up .. when am gonna be okay and able to breath well .. thanx all ....
  3. its the same but i like the way that am controling it not a small paper bag if you controlled it alone without anyhelp you would feel awesome !!!
  4. hello i had the worst panick attacks ever 1 to 2 hours panic attack.. so at someday i looked at my self in the mirror and i said ... ive been fighting 3 years with panic attacks.. i want that to stop right now... so i learned some moves on the internet to avoid it ... and i made them as steps for you first of all think about your panic attack how many times it came ?? did you die ? i know its hard ... iknow you cant belive that you are okay.. the first time is the hardest time 1. lay down on the ground 2.close your mouth 3.make just one hole with your nose 4. take a very deep breath through your nose 5. tide your mouth and make a small hole and push all the air till it ends 6. do from 1 to 5 again for 30 secand switch holes of your nose ..... why is that because panic attack is simply a game of breathing when the panic comes you feel no air but you are taking enough... so you breath like 8 people breath ... when you have alot of o2 in your blood ofc your heart will go faster to make alll that o2 go out ... just try it ... its really helpful try it for your self... ty and sorry for my English
  5. first time i took zoloft i couldnt swallow anything ... then i switched to citalopram :) also i couldnt sleep at all
  6. thnak you mikayla ... but the main thing is am gonna sleep well after 3 weeks and no insomnia ? and the hard breathing will go ?
  7. hello there my name is nasr I'm from Jordan I'm here to talk about my bad statue first of all I'm a smoker I smoke 20 cigarettes per day okay so I went to Ukraine to study medicine my first 6 months we're actually good but at someday someone gave me a cigarette to smoke because I didn't have cigarettes I smoked the first one and the second one and the third one unfortunately that cigarette was w.eed So when I smoked it my first panic attack was there I feet like I'm dying I'm not here to talk about my panic attack and how I feel because I found a way to avoid panic attacks I'm here to talk about dispersion and anxiety after I had my first panic attack I went back to Jordan to check up my heart and if it still work or not I was so afraid especially on the plane I didn't know that I had panic attacks or dispersion so I went to do that and I checked up my heart everything was okay my heart is like a machine I was shocked and I was happy so I went back to life and I made license for car and I went back to University but there was something wrong with me I had some pain inside my intestine and that pain started to grow up when that pain reached level that I couldn't handle I went to doctors the check up myself they said that I have a colon and I have some GAZ in , and I remember when I went to doctors the panic attacks went back and I suffered for one year without knowing that they were panic attacks at the end of that I started to take Catilopram Am at my first week ... But I still have that pain and I can't breath and I feel after eating that am full I feel dizzy and I have some ocd about breathing and sometimes i feel my heart goes faster ... I manged to avoid panic attacks and if you want I can explain to you how ... after all I said when is the time that am gonna be okay Thank all...
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