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    Yea!! I dance on Al-Shisani's sickened ashes!! & I dance on ALL his followers dead asses as well! I spit on them and their beliefs!

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  1. Prissy

    Tired of being Tired

    Ok , so I'm not sleeping, and I'm so sick of this crap. Since I went to bed over 4 hours ago, I tried to think only positive things, I stopped ALL the bad thoughts before I completed them and forced a positive replacement thought. Didn't work, and now I'm just as angry as I was before I went to sleep! Nothing is working... and I am canceling my shrink appointment Monday morning, I'm not wasting another trip, and money to see that blow off, he is a total waste of my miserable time. I even tried to find a therapist and the one that is available (or was supposed to be...) has a voice message "I'm not taking new patients" I'm really fed up... Church is the only social activity I have, and I avoid that as much as possible as well... so why bother? I am useless, unemployed, and sick to death of life... it has no meaning what so ever... I'm only here because I don't want to hurt my Mom.... I feel sorry for my husband, he puts up with me & since he's working out of state, I don't even try to keep the house up...(or I think about it, & then don't). Can't keep the smile on my face, I feel like I have 50 lb weights on both corners of my mouth... UGH! what a waste of space I am.
  2. Prissy

    New Memeber

    Hi Long Journey, You are moving toward the light just sharing your story with E-1 here on DF! We all welcome you with open arms! AND we all listen, & share, Smile cuz' you are improving in this depressing world so many of us are experiencing!! Help is here as long as you want it... And (this may seem corny) just smile, & keep smiling and your boys will smile with you. & THAT'S what counts! You are not alone, even when the darkness seems to surround you, we are here with a path back toward the light!!

    lanadelbae  has issues looks like


    1. Tungsten Aromatics

      Tungsten Aromatics

      I hope things are better for you. (((Hugs)))

  4. Is the "bully" gone?


  5. Hi Tungsten ...I had to leave the room... didn't feel welcome