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  1. Some parts of our Behaviour are something that we learn or copy, from our parents, or role models. The experience of abuse can make offenders out of former victims. It also can cause some types personal disorders. Parts of her personality love you, while other parts are hurt so badly, by the things, that happened in her past, that she becomes violent, in order to protect herself. So, in my opinion, it is very important to find professional help for her, but also for you. There are skills and coping strategies, that can be worked out, to make those hard times easier for your daughter and you. Also the reasons, why she becomes so angry, or the trigger - situatons, that make her lose control of herself, will have to be worked out, same as methods, to get herself back under control. The most important thing is, that she needs t be willing to recieve the help of a specialist, and that she agrees to find a therapist, counsellour, psychiatrist, doctor, etc, who is able to help. Same to you, your situation is painful and exhausting, so it may be a good idea to look for mental support. I know, it's a long way, and hard work, to get out of that hole, but it's definitely worth to fight. Hope, some of my words make sense. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.
  2. Hello, as I can see, you seem to be very desperate with your current situation, and you seem to suffer from your problems. This is a forum, where desperate and suffering people, share their experience, I think, you are absolutely at the right place to find the answers to your questions. May I ask you about the reason, why you need help with your daughter? Please tell about the reason, your worries, and how you deal with your current situation.
  3. You´re welcome, you can write me at any time, when you feel the need to talk.
  4. HI, at first, you can be proud of you, because you did a big step, you went for help, write down your storry, and ask for help, so you have come quite far. I can understand why you feel and also are isolated. You have two reasons. The first is that you left all behind to live in a foreign country. It´s not easy to start a new life in germany. The second reason is your mental health. Most people with mental health problems have to make the same experience. They feel and are socially isolated, indeed. I can understand your guilty conscience. All bad effects on your everyday´s life, that you mention, are symptoms of your mental health situation, and i can understand very well, how they make you feel. But be sure, you deserve the good things that happen to you. Look, you don´t just sit there and let it happen. You do much to fight it, much more than other people do, or are able to do. I´m sure you will succeed in reconnecting and make your dreams come true.
  5. Hi, i know those days very well, and i can tell you what worked with me. You feel down, tired, have no motivation to do anything. True? That´s completely normal. So there are two ways, either you force yourself to stand up and go for a walk, maybe just a short one and only as long as you can. Or you really decide to take a rest and stay in bed for this day. But then you will have to make your try on kicking yourself out of bed tomorrow. One or two days of taking a rest are not so bad, but you should not get used to it.
  6. It´s never time to quit anything. Quitting, no matter what is a final decision. It means to pass on something forever. It also means missing chances that may come up in the future. And we only get to know about them, when we carry on.
  7. I also need a full hour to wake up, and have coffee. I can be very unpacked, when i don´t have...
  8. No problem, I simply feel half a man, when i have no coffee in the morning. Cheers!
  9. Thank you so much, it is. I love my coffee in the morning, and to have five quiet minutes of my own, before i start the day.
  10. Good morning, my first positive of today, is my cup of black coffee. It´s such a lovely and peaceful moment, to take a look out of the window, and see the sun rise. Thank you for that thread. It´s important to think about and realize the positives, and when it´s just a cup of steaming hot black coffe, at sunrise.
  11. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Medication also made me really sick. I know how hard it is to deal without. The only way is to find a good counsellor, which is very difficult, also, but not impossible. To give my body some relaxation, i go for accu puncture, which helps pretty well, also tried out alternative medication, naturals like lavender tea and also some preparates from china. It´s important to find a specialist on alternative medicine, who can find something that matches with you. Hope it makes sense for you. If you want to talk, please feel free to do.
  12. Hi, welcome to the forum, you always can write, when you feel the need.
  13. Hi Madd1e, welcome to the forum, i really can understand your situation, getting out of it was the best and only thing, you could do, i think. What you have to do, is to look, or to take care for yourself, now. You have to recover from all the bad things, that happened. It´s the best to go to your gp, she surely can help you in the best way. I´m sure, she won´t dismiss you off, as you are definitely not over reacting.
  14. Hi, in my opinion, therapy is much more important than medication. Medication helps to deal with the symptoms of the depressions, but if you really want to fight the reason, you will have to deal with the therapy. I am treatement resistant to anti depressants, it means, that my body shows no positive reaction to the meds, while the side effects make everything worse. In my case, there´s only one way, which is therapy. But it is true, you have to be ready for it, and you have to find the right therapist or counsellour. There has to be trust and honesty from the beginning, otherwhise you have to search on.
  15. Good to read, it´s important that the children are fine. I did mean alternative medicine, like homeopathic, or chinese medicine. The illegal things definitely won´t work, but you already did see it with the panic attacks. Well, you have to find a counsellour who matches with you. That´s the most difficult thing, and can last a long time. Please don´t give up and keep searching. Yes, why not, put it in the general forum, the more people read it, the more useful tips you can get.
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