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  1. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    I won't tell the haiku police if you dont
  2. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    I drew a picture of depression and panic the pencil tip snapped I wrote a letter to depression and panic the pencil tip snapped I bought a sharpie shiny and totally black the tip was dried up I wrote a haiku to depression and panic and posted it here
  3. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    I love her too much I run a painful gauntlet on days she's not here
  4. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    One word line for bonus points!
  5. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    Flames rise smoke billows Tokyo is reduced to dirt Godzilla's depressed
  6. jayro

    Do you ever have "this" day?

    My "cycle" of how I feel can be a rotation of misery. Cement shoes gives way to foggy headed delirium gives way to edgy anxious periods gives way to emotional lows. Add in all the other stuff.. Good times, right?
  7. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    and BTW - in case anyone else wanted to try here's how it's done: The haiku is a Japanese verse in three lines. -Line one has 5 syllables -Line two has 7 syllables -Line three has 5 syllables. It is a mood poem and requires no rhymes or other poetic rhythms.
  8. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    I am just a frog i hop here and I hop there please make me a prince
  9. jayro

    The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    On a day when I have my legs under me and not too much anxiety etc. I get the mental fog from ragweed allergy. Great luck!
  10. Don't feel outwardly horrible other than "where did my energy go?" Anxieties in check etc. I would definitely go try to do this or that if it weren't for the cement shoes. It's maddening!
  11. jayro

    Just Friends?

    It's a weird thing getting old (I suspect I'm older than many here at 45) - but one of the cool things I've found is that it's much easier to communicate with the opposite sex than it was when I was in high school or even in my 20's. I made it a point to more recently befriend a half dozen girls from the old days that I was truly infatuated with and I've found out that in every case had I boned up at the right time they would have gladly gone out with me. It's a good feeling and a horrible feeling at the same time. I blew it in six different situations. I've now been divorced for a year and tried this forward action all of once - and I am 1 for 1! Never again will I waste that opportunity. Yes it sucks being told no thank you but it's not as horrible as simply never trying. And, yes I am one anxious dude otherwise..
  12. jayro

    Just Friends?

    I was recently in a similar situation. Having been the person to "stuff" this kind of thing for most of my life I chose to simply be as forward as possible. I told her straight up about my feelings and my issues and all is working out pretty good. If her answer would have been "no" it would have sucked for a while, but I would have at least known to look elsewhere.
  13. jayro

    Myers Cocktail

    Anyone with experience receiving Myers cocktail? I've heard from one other person the value in getting one w B12 for improved feeling of well-being and mood. It's not cheap and looks like a real challenge for anxiety sufferers.
  14. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    nobody told me "the heart wants what the heart wants" means two distinct things
  15. jayro

    Depression Haiku Thread

    The wreckage we share has brought us to this old place don't fight it alone