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  1. Haircut. Always make me feel better. I've so many doctor appointments in the next week, I don't want to go in looking like a bum.
  2. MarkintheDark

    Sci-Fi Geeks

    I'm so with you on Voyager. It's the least silly of the TNG/DS9 genre, imo. That is, the series explored what I'll call matters of conscience, mostly without the endlessly-rehashed Alpha Quadrant baggage. So, too, I just loved that that Voyager herself wasn't a Galaxy Class cruise ship. "Pilates on the Lido Deck at 0800!"
  3. MarkintheDark

    Sci-Fi Geeks

  4. MarkintheDark

    Sci-Fi Geeks

    @JD4010 idk if this has been on your list, but I particularly enjoyed Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Triology (Blue Mars, etc.). Of course I've done the requisite Arthur C. Clark. Many people don't realize there was a sequel to 2010 called 2061 which has a lot of surprises.
  5. MarkintheDark

    The Little Things

    This was kinda neat early this morning. Kitty had come in from his nocturnal hunting and gently woke me with a couple licks on my temple and trilling. (Of course he then settled in next to me, butt in my face)
  6. MarkintheDark

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Relieved. Mom's doctor appointment this morning, for once, was relatively free of drama (i.e., only one brief cry - meaningless, but that's what she does). I think she realizes that neither her doc (female) nor I will buy into the waterworks. I don't have to get onto her script matters immediately, since I already straightened it out last week. There's nothing pressing. I can focus on myself.
  7. I'm not an attorney and, even if I were, I don't know the landlord/tenant laws in your area. But I have a little experience managing a small property (tri-plex). One time we had a disruptive crack head the owner hadn't really vetted. It was hell and it took time, but we got her out. I concur on getting with Legal Aid before y'all do anything else - please tell me you have a written lease. Confrontation. imo, would only put fuel on the fire. What would it accomplish? Both parties sound entrenched. Another blow up only raises everyone's blood pressure and accomplishes nothing. If there's an unrepaired leak, generally, the tenant would be within his rights to withhold. It varies on whether or not he'd have to give the owner/landlord notice of his intent to withhold. And that doesn't even cover your mom's good faith attempt. Again, that's a question for Legal Aid. That said, cooler heads usually prevail. In the case of the crackhead, we followed the letter of the law on documenting and eviction. It helped, too, that the attorney became the tenant's legal point of contact, not us. Any notice of actions were delivered by the attorney. Just creating that boundary ensured the issue would not legally become anything that looked like a personal vendetta, no matter how justified we may have been. I have to admit some smug satisfaction watching her flail about with her own fits while I could tell her, "Well, talk to the attorney." I guess what I'm saying is that it's time to step back a bit. Good luck!
  8. Wow. That's a lot on your plate personally and professionally. And, strictly imo, you're being "asked" to take on a lot of sh#t that's not yours. My concern for you is when is the dam gonna break? One example I'll cite is my elderly mom - now with early dementia - who, for all her life, was told she had broad shoulders, so to speak, a variation on the "bigger person." She took it to heart and utterly destroyed herself in the process. In one instance years ago, she apparently walked around on a fractured femur for weeks before finally collapsing during a particularly long shift at a polling station. That's her pattern and she'd always refused to seek professional help. (I'm reminded of June Allyson in a 50s movie, pleated dress and all, obviously distraught, on the phone quivering, "O-o-oh, I'm f-f-fine.") At the moment, second example, I'm her sole caregiver, though she doesn't live with me. I should mention I have considerable health issues of my own. Nevertheless, I'm faced with straightening out the mess she's made of her own finances, medical, scripts, etc. Dealing with her unpredictable trips to LaLaLand, however, is a bridge too far for me. I can't be everything to her and have just had to put my foot down on how much cray-cray I'll tolerate. That means I keep her at arm's length. Oh, she may not like it or those outside the situation may judge me. I don't care. My personal well-being comes first lest, frankly, I end up in the hospital (3x the last five years). Again, my concern is that it sounds like you're reaching your own breaking point. My suggestion is you shift focus to your own self-care. I can't say what that would look like, except perhaps learning to say, "no." Since so many family dynamics are involved, I realize it won't be easy to stand up for yourself.
  9. MarkintheDark

    what are you watching right now?

    Incredible Hulk (more of a Marvel Universe fan)
  10. MarkintheDark

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Frustrated and angry. Haven't had a bounce like this in a while. Pleased I actually forced myself outside to mow the (front) lawn and then showered. Ran the laundry...BUT the tub didn't drain. Though I managed to get the clothes in the dryer, that one little problem threw a monkey wrench into my day. Completely threw me off my sense of accomplishment. The closet where it lives is full of previous tenants' junk, my landlord (who also has a disability) has counted on me to take care of things like this (which I usually have no problem doing). But considering my frame of mind these past few months, this is just one more *******ed thing I DON'T need. I called and put it in his lap where it belongs. I'm fed up.
  11. MarkintheDark

    What was a small victory you had today?

    I suppose "small" would describe it for normal folk. Actually mowed the (front) yard while it was only 82 (27C) outside this morning and well before we hit our usual daily high of 92 (33C). Trimming and the back yard are entirely different matters. Now that means I actually have to take a shower...hahaha
  12. Started back on my ancillary meds (a statin, inhaler, and PCP prophylaxis) after letting them lapse for months. It's not so much that I feel better. I feel better for having done it.
  13. MarkintheDark


    Nine years, indeed, is a long time. From my read - sorry to say - the situation described sounds like it's beyond resolution. It's probably healthier for you to put any idea of reconciliation aside as best you can. I'm not suggesting that will be easy. At this point, two months on, it doesn't matter who did what to whom, imo. He's doing what he needs to do. You obviously have no control over it. Wishful thinking won't change that, unfortunately. What I'm indelicately trying to ease into is that, as excruciatingly impossible as it might seem, taking care of yourself is the priority. You DO have control over that. First, you mention you're off your meds. Assuming they were helping, it's probably time to reconsider that decision. Like most of us on DF, I know all too well how brain chemistry affects thinking. Second, as others have mentioned, yes, get into therapy. Considering your attempt, that's doubly important. While our myriad experiences here are useful and not insignificant, a professional has the training and insight to direct you. That said, it's good that you can vent so freely here and get it out of your system. That's part of processing it all.
  14. MarkintheDark

    Return to Zoloft?

    To clarify, the intake for AHF (case manager) WAS last Monday. Won't see the ID doc for a few weeks and then the psychologist probably a week or two later. I'm looking at a month, at least. Although I'm keeping it relatively in check, I'm having a lot of anxiety about a new doc - whether I'll even like him or if he'll be an arrogant asshat (at least there are three in that practice from which to choose) - and about having to interview yet ANOTHER therapist, since the interns have been so awful, usually distracted.
  15. MarkintheDark

    Sci-Fi Geeks

    @velvetpuddles You got me thinking about Dr. Who. Perhaps Matt Smith (2010) is a better place to start. I like that his run relies very heavily on the story of Amelia Pond, his companion, from her childhood encounters with him. Her life events, including bf Rory, are significant thoughout many seasons. I think a few episodes will give you a feel for her situation...imo, a very substantial subplot. It's a bit like, "Well, I like ice cream, but I like it better with toppings, LOTS of toppings," if that makes any sense.