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  1. Hey, I'm the guy that was sad over his pizza slice. Well, just for the record I took a 2nd look at the pizza sitting in my fridge and, you know, it did make me smile again! It even tasted pretty good cold. Handmade crust, pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives. Heh heh! Folks, don't give up on your pizza!
  2. a slice of pepperoni pizza. brought it home and decided NOT to eat it right away - hoping that by not eating it I might prolong the feeling of happiness I felt when I first bought it. didn’t work.
  3. Aloha Jerry - or maybe Kia Ora would be also appropriate, Yes, depression can make me feel lost and without direction, too. We hear you, and hope you will keep posting if it helps. take care and be kind to yourself.
  4. That's great that you did college art course work, including studio. When I took art classes at my Uni it really opened my eyes to the many possibilities. There were so many opportunities presented to art students, such as group exhibitions, meeting accomplished artists, job announcements, etc. Just being around other art students and good teachers was positive and my art grew from that experience. As you well know, making money from ones art is very challenging. Unless you are a Michelangelo, Rembrandt, or Ansel Adams, making a living doing art will be difficult. But while you are building your portfolio, have you also thought about working in the art-support industry? A few jobs come to mind, such as photo-lab assistant, photography or art supplies store clerk, framing assistant, etc. ? I'm social-phobic and introverted. I didn't expect that my first job would be as CEO or prez of a company. By chance I somehow started working in a major Uni library as a student part-timer, filing away books and checking in new items. It was a fun job, not too demanding, quiet environment, great boss, and little interaction with people. It helped pay the bills while going to school. More importantly though, that chance entry-level job began a love for working in a library/archive. It led to my career in working at that library's photography archives. Awesome fulfilling work and wonderful tight small group of co-workers. I worked over 30 years in library services, and 20+ years in that photo archives before retiring. Eventually I believe good things (including good art) come to people who keep their eyes and mind open. I hope a fulfilling and enjoyable job comes your way. Best of luck, Kabuto!
  5. Bryce, Thank you very much for sharing this with us! Your TEDx Talk is wonderfully inspiring and your photography beautiful and evocative. I believe that engaging in the creative process, no matter the medium, can be a healing and healthy endeavor. I too find photography to be my voice in coping with my chronic and mental illnesses. All the best!
  6. I think it's a great idea to pursue a job/career doing something you love doing. What kind of art do you do, if I may ask? Have you taken college-level art classes, or do you have any prior art-related work experience? Although I'm retired now, I'm still interested in art and still do photography. The good thing about "being in the arts" for me personally is that - even if I'm feeling depressed, being engaged in the creative process helps me out of my funk or endure it better. all the best!
  7. Hi CK1938, I feel for you and your wife. I'm sorry to read about your predicament. You and your wife are really in a tough position. On one hand, leaving Japan might be good as she might be able to get better psychological help in the States. But on the otherhand, moving away from the familiar and her support network (her parents) may be very challenging for her. Is there a reason that is compelling your wife to leave Japan? Have you decided on where you both plan to live in the U.S.? Does this location have a large number of Japanese or Japanese-Americans which might be helpful in your wife's assimilation? Hawaii and S. California come to mind. I don't really have any advice to offer, but i hope things go ok for you both. I also hope others on this forum will have good advice. Wishing you well and the best of luck.
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