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  1. Has anyone had genetic testing for depression treatment? If so, how was your experience with it? How much did it cost? (Did your insurance cover?) Were you able to find better medicines using the results? [link removed; see member for link info]
  2. @sober4life, @Natasha1, Thank you for your concern. I have reduced my dosage to 100mg where I didn't experience any rash, and the rash seems to be subsiding. I have made an appointment with my doctor and I'll have it checked out.
  3. I've been taking Lamictal for about 4 months. Started with 25mg and gradually increased to now 150mg. After I upped the dosage to 150mg about 3 weeks ago, I started to have some kind of rash sporadically from my legs to my shoulders that resembles bug bites and is very itchy. I first thought it may be flea bites, but my completely indoor cats don't have any fleas and my husband doesn't have any bites, so I began to suspect it could be a rash due to taking Lamictal … Has anyone experienced this type of rash from taking Lamictal?
  4. I've been on Bupropion (generic) over five months now. It wasn't a smooth ride side effects wise (increased anxiety + OCD tendency, insomnia, etc), but all seem to be resolved after a month or so of adding Prozac 20mg. I'm also delighted that I lost 15 lbs due to the decreased appetite and have not gained back. Now I'm thinking of increasing Prozac to 40mg. But of course everyone responds to meds differently. I've read some user reviews that complained of weight gain due to Prozac. I can only tell my experience that I have not gained a pound (or rather continued losing due to Bupropion) after two months of taking Prozac. Also I don't know if SNRIs are better in this regard. I took Effexor for a few month, and I gained 10 lbs, and another 10 lbs on Celexa ... and after this, I switched to Bupropion. Well, the only way to know how your body responds to a certain med is to try it for yourself. Hope you find the medication that works for you :) Good luck!
  5. That's a common side effect of Bupropion. I too lost appetite. Bupropion stopped stress/depressed-eating. I'd wait until my stomach growls to eat, even then I don't enjoy the food nearly as much as I used to. After one slice of pizza, I'm totally satisfied. I started not liking meat that much. I'm now eating tofu and edamame, and protein drinks to supplement. I'm delighted that I shed 15lbs so far, another 5 lbs to go to be back to what I weighed a year and a half ago before taking antidepressants. Also, I completely stopped drinking. Well, I know you're not supposed to drink when on antidepressants, but I did, 'cause it was the easiest way to melt away my stress and fall asleep at night. At one point, when I was on Effexor I believe, I'd drink over half a bottle every single night ... and get munchies and snacked until I'm ready to go to bed, and that was the happiest time of the day. I didn't have any bad incidents from drinking, but I started to worry, am I developing alcohol dependence? Tried to cut down, but it was hard for a weak-willed person such as myself :( Now, after taking Bupropion about five months, I have no desire to drink, alcohol doesn't give me a euphoric feeling anymore.
  6. A little update ... My doctor prescribed me 20mg of propranolol, but not really as for performance anxiety, but for hypertension. About a half year ago, my blood pressure went up to 150/110 after taking Effexor for a few months (so I had to discontinue it). Since then, I was on Metoprolol (another beta-blocker). So my doctor said "If you want to try propranolol, we can switch your BP meds." and instructed me to take it every day (once a day) just as I did with Metoprolol ... My understanding was that, for occasional extreme anxiety, you take it an hour or so before the anticipated event ... So I don't know if taking a small dose every day would be just as effective? But my doctor did say we can increase the daily dosage if I don't feel a relief from my anxiety symptoms (palpitation, sweating, etc.) ... I wonder if prescribing beta blockers for severe anxiety on an as-needed basis is 'off-label' use of the med? If so, then perhaps my doctor being rather conservative (kinda stickler to regulations), she doesn't want to prescribe the med in a way that the FDA hasn't approved ... Anyway, I just took my first dose today ... so let's see how I do in a stressful social situation.
  7. Thank you for your replies! I think I'll ask my doctor to increase bupropion to 300mg first, and then perhaps increase fluoxetine to 40mg (my understanding is that fluoxetine can be very activating at a high dose, am I correct?) before making any changes in my meds ... And then, if that still doesn't give me enough energy and focus, I'll consider trying sertraline (the only way to know how it works on me is to try it for myself) and/or adding different meds including ADD meds that you guys mentioned. ;)
  8. I'm not at all sure about your memory problem and Deja Vu incidents, but for the rest of what you stated, it sounds more like OCD than Schizophrenia to me. I think Schizophrenic symptoms are more related to hallucination, hearing voices, and/or living in an imaginary reality of your own, those kinds of things. Well, I'm no expert on mental illness, but I do suffer a little from OCD myself. And I read several sites stating that while bupropion (which is the active ingredient of Wellbutrin) can increase one's energy level, it also can trigger or exacerbate OCD. I've been on bupropion (generic) for about four months. My OCD symptoms got worse in the second month (after increasing to 300mg) — fidgeting with my hair a lot, washing my hands excessively, etc ... So I added fluoxetine(Prozac) 20mg to my med regimen and about a month later (it can take several weeks before fluoxetine's full effect manifests) my OCD tendency subsided ... So, adding an SSRI (or SNRI) may ameliorate your over-thinking/analyzing (obsessing over certain issues) problem somewhat? You may want to ask your doctor if an SSRI can be added to your med(s). — there's a wide variety of SSRIs and SNRIs to choose from. If you are already taking it in addition to bupropion, can the dosage be increased? If either option is not possible, you may need to reduce bupropion dosage ... I actually did. 300mg made me extra worrisome and irritable (made my anxiety worse), so I reduced to 200mg. I may try 300mg again sometime soon to see if this time will be different (no bothersome side effects) since my body has had plenty of time to get used to the med. Hope this helps.
  9. My primary problems are lack of energy/motivation, procrastination, and having a hard time focusing on a task and completing it (I may have ADD) ... I'm currently on Bupropion 200mg + Fluoxetine 20mg. I'm considering if I should switch to Sertraline from Fluoxetine (as I continue Bupropion). Has anyone tried both Fluoxetine and Sertraline? Which worked better for you? I read the article that seems to claim Sertraline has a positive effect on the dopamine level as well. If so, then, does Sertraline give you a lot of energy? The relationship between sertraline and dopamine lies in the unique action that the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) has on the dopamine pathway. Sertraline possesses the ability to partially block dopamine reuptake pumps. When dopamine pumps become blocked, more dopamine is left to circulate in the synaptic cleft, leading to increased neurotransmission and action. These two substances are often thought of together in psychiatry because sertraline is the only known SSRI that has a significant impact on the dopamine pathway. This additional ability to interact with dopamine is thought to account for the drug’s efficacy and unique effect on depression and other mental illnesses. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-relationship-between-sertraline-and-dopamine.htm
  10. I started a topic for this a few days ago (no responses yet) ... in case you haven't read it ... I heard doctors often prescribe a blood pressure medicine (beta-blocker) Propranolol for performance anxiety. I read user reviews where people had very satisfactory results. https://www.drugs.com/comments/propranolol/for-performance-anxiety.html Here's another article for anxiety medicines. Especially I read many posts (in several forums) where people found Clonidine effective. http://mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/10/27/what-is-the-best-anxiety-medication/ I haven't tried Propranolol or Clonidine myself yet. I have an appo with my doctor in a week, and I intend to discuss these meds with her. Hope we both find something that works for us!
  11. I've struggled with depression/anxiety for 15+ years. Currently on Bupropion + Prozac and this combo seems to be helping me so far. If I don't have to go out and meet people, I'm perfectly fine. But when I have to attend a social event, I feel super uneasy and often take Xanax. I think the root of the reason I'm apprehensive of social events is performance anxiety. Even though I rarely would be put in a public speaking type of situation, I still feel "I have to perform" to look cheerful (not-gloomy) so people have a pleasant time with me. It makes me nervous obsessing over if I'm saying the right thing or don't look/sound strange. I even do this with my family and close friends. I just can't help it. I pull through it okay most of the time (my friends didn't notice I have depression/anxiety issues until I told them), but it takes a lot out of me and leaves me utterly exhausted. Social events have become such an onerous task and not something I'd look forward to. I heard doctors often prescribe a blood pressure medicine (beta-blocker) Propranolol for performance anxiety. I read user reviews where people had very satisfactory results. I'm wondering if anyone in this forum used the med, if so, can you share the experience with me, the pros and cons of the med? I'm hoping it can be taken on an as-needed basis, and I don't have to take it every day for it to be effective.
  12. I've been taking bupropion for over four months now. I've tried both 300mg-XL and 150mg-SR x2/day. Both times, I experienced extra anxiety, irritability, or a hard time falling asleep at night until I reduced the dosage to 150mg-SR 1x/day and added prozac 20mg. I read many user reviews that complained about the delivery system (the steadiness of the chemical being time-released) of both generic XL and SR tablets is not very good unlike that of the brand-name, thus causes you more unwanted side effects. So I thought I may try Immediate-Release (supposedly there's no difference between generic and the name-brand) just to know what it's like. I've been taking 100mg-IR twice a day for two weeks now and I actually like it. I was worried that IR tabs would give me too much energy all at once upon taking (thus make me jittery and excitable) and later I'd have a sudden mood drop ... But no, I don't feel any noticeable ups and downs ... just steady wakefulness. I take my first dose around 7AM and the second dose around 1PM and that sustains my energy level till 7-8PM. I may later increase to 3 tabs a day (my doctor wants me to stay on 2 tabs a day for at least a month) and see if I get more energy and none of the problematic side effects. But everyone reacts to meds differently. I know there are some who didn't like IR tabs. The only way to find out is to try it for yourself. Good luck!
  13. I took Bupropion 200mg/day for the first month and 300mg/day for two months ... It gave me energy but my anxiety turned worse. I had become extra worrisome, had negative thoughts and anger bouts, had the worst PMS in a long while. Now reduced the dosage to 150mg/day and added SSRI(Prozac) and am calmer and doing better. Yet I hear some people do better with higher doses (300mg, 450mg), but that is if you don't have a history of seizure, bulimia or anorexia. Also if you're taking other meds, there might be interactions and make you susceptible to seizure ... Talk to your doctor, adjusting the dosage and/or adding an SSRI may help. Or Bupropion simply isn't for you ... Your doctor should determine what's best for you. Many of us have been there where you are. Please don't give up.
  14. Hi Bunny! ... I think you're too sweet to be called toxic ;-) Good to hear that your condition is getting better :) I'm taking generic Bupropion too. I read some user reviews that said the brand name Wellbutrin works much better with less side effects, but my insurance doesn't cover it, so ... I'm now taking 150mg-SR once a day too. I take Prozac 20mg upon waking up around 6, since it has more activating effect on me than sedating, and Bupropion about an hour later with breakfast (it sometimes upsets my stomach if taken without food). It's been a week since I reduced Bupropion to 150mg, and I actually feel rather better. (or could be due to adding Prozac?) My anxiety is not that bad anymore, and I have much easier time falling asleep at night. I totally understand that you're so anxious to feel better (I was too!), but your doctor may be right. If smaller dose works, it's always better. And perhaps for people who take other meds, there might be interactions, so caution is needed. You can always get a second opinion (see a different doctor), but I tend to trust doctors who are careful in prescribing meds. I haven't really felt "happy" in an euphoric sense from Bupropion. Never had so-called honeymoon either. It gives me energy so I can get out of bed in the morning and don't have to lie down during the day, I don't get so easily tired like I used to. Since reducing the dosage, I feel I have a clearer mind and can function better. I think my condition is unipolar and not bipolar, I don't really have "ups" (as in bouts of happiness) per se. As long as I can evade "downs", I'm content. I may have felt "happier" when I was taking Prozac 60mg (for me, it took this much to work), but I began to have severe dry mouth/throat and coughed a lot during the night to the point my sleep quality was compromised, so I had to stop. I'm hoping this time the small dose of Bupropion and Prozac will complement each other and avoid troublesome side effects altogether ... I'll wait another month before increasing either of the meds. If I can feel "normal", I think the meds are working. I believe real happiness that lasts can't be achieved with drugs (don't mean to preach tho, I admit I used to drink every night seeking the euphoric feeling), but by finding a purpose in your life, something you'd be passionate about and can give you a sense of fulfillment. I myself have a lot of work to do to feel truly happy, but you know, I feel blessed that even I suffer from depression (and probably ADD), there are medicines for it and the society is becoming more understanding compared to, say, 50 years ago. There's always hope, so hang in there ;-)
  15. I'm no expert on antidepressants, but I hear many say that the first few months of Bupropion are rather rocky. I was extra impatient and irritable, had anger bursts too. But after a month or so, those negative feelings gradually lessened ... but not completely, so after 3 months of being on it, I decided to cut the dosage in half and added Prozac. I think I feel better now. I'm hoping adding SSRI eases my PMS too. Lexapro was the first med my current doc. prescribed for me, but I felt drowsy and zoned out, even fatigued, most of the time for 2 months so I had to change it to something that gives me energy. Seems the same med can have a different (sometimes totally opposite) effect on each person. I do agree Bupropion + SSRI is a good combo and learned that it's commonly prescribed. It's just that finding the right dosage of each could take some time. Hang in there, sister! Talk to your doctor periodically and inform him/her of the changes in your feelings/mindset, good or bad. I recommend keeping a diary to track what you experience, both physically and emotionally due to the meds.
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