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  1. Hi CCC, I am on Day 21 at 200mg (4 days at 100mg before that). Like you, I feel a bit "off"...I feel a bit foggy, and my memory has strained over the past few weeks, but is improving I think. I do feel a bit outside of myself and a little depersonalized, which is all kinda scary. I 've also has cold/numb feet and hands (especially my right foot), and on tope of everything else, I have tinnitus that this med has wreaked havoc with (but, it's a bit softer today). My OCD /Intrusive Thoughts have less intensity, and I'm a bit anxious--but not super anxious.Overall I "think" i'm slowly-ever-so-gradually adjusting to the meds; but I can't yet say that "I feel good". TL
  2. As for me, I have been on Sertraline for a month. Started at 100mg (I know...Dr jumped me right in...ugh), then after 4 days went to 200mg. I have now been on 200mg for 23 days. I am taking this (along with 75mg Effexor XR) for GAD, Depression, OCD & intrusive thoughts. Right now I don't feel good at all.... I have: Fog brain / memory lapse tinnitus feel like I'm behind a "glass wall" slight numbing/cold hands & feet slightly (very slight) blurred vision I will say that I am calmer, but I certainly don't feel normal. Some of my OCD / intrusive thoughts have eased, but are not completely gone (which I never expected). Just hoping the fog brain & glass wall go away. Anyone else experience these types of issues? Thx
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