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  1. Woke up a little out of it but quickly snapped out of it and ate a healthy breakfast now going work out then get my day started more. =)
  2. Life and what I want to do. And hoping things work out more good for me soon.
  3. Some days not being productive or motivated.
  4. Sorta okish could be better and hoping the day gets better for me. Dang fireworks kept me up..
  5. Reaching out like this is good first step ahacker. I know this may be hard to hear but you try your hardest as well to seek out people as well if you want friends. I know trust me I would so LOVE people just to come up to me and just talk to me then later on hang out more then hey were friends know. But it does not work like that. Maybe for some people maybe.. but not really. I think it takes two people or more to make any relationship work. One gives in a little and the other as well. In friendship or a love kind. Like not being one sided. Its going be hard finding people but you also got to try hard to push yourself too to meet people too or be willing too. Like what I do when going anywhere or to the store is look up more while walking and smile at people even if its hurt to. Try too. Sometimes people say hi or smile back. Then there other times people dont. So its 50/50 chance. But its worth it. Its a start but shows you if you can do that you can approach people more and you accomplished something. Also talk to people checking you out with your stuff you just bought. Say hi or nice hair or something. Give a small complement to them or say " Hey this crazy weather eh?" Something like that and its a start of over coming your fear or people or having a hard time talking to people. Practice that when you can and you'll feel better. Nothing is easy I wish it was but its not also seeking help or support helps too. Family and friends. Talking your feelings and frustrations out to people is good and sometimes get good advice also love from it. I think and my opinion. And if you dont have those things seek them out and then ask yourself. " Do you want to be like this the rest of your life? Also Do you like feeling down all the time?" If you dont like it change it. Take the first step to reaching out even though its going be hard as heck to do it. I had to give myself tough love a lot of times since I did not like how I felt and not having friends. So I changed. People here I bet will give you good advice mine prob sucks but I tried. Just always be yourself and not something your not. And hey if someone does not like you then there loss because of that. I know we spoke a little and sorry for that I been busy and posting some of my feelings on here as well. But hope this helped if any and hope you feel better soon.
  6. Thinking back at yesterday when I smiled and laughed again in some time. Been a while.. So proud of self.
  7. I want to work out but don't have a gym membership yet so got to wait. Though I could take a walk even though its prob muggy our. -_- But over all will eat breakfast and get ready for today and do some art. Plus side note work on my PC.
  8. To have a good healthy breakfast and to try and drink more water today.
  9. I feel good waking up refreshed from sleep was anxious since there was a storm and a lot of lighting going on but manage to fall asleep. Dreams were so so but over all an ok night for once. Hopefully my good streak sticks with me today..
  10. Sounds of a another DVD rental movie my folks are watching.
  11. I hanged out with my family most of the day spending time with them. Now just relaxing.
  12. Pokemon cards.. goes way back for me.
  13. Good time with family and talking to someone, so pretty dang good. Though have a slight headache from the heat as well. o.o
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