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  1. Hey. Yes, Like all of you, Iv'e been experiencing the EXACT same thing for 11 and a half months now- the lack of emotion ,feeling, the anhedonia, apathy. And each and every single one of you had described what Im experiencing better than I'll ever be able to. But here's the wierd thing, we all had/having the EXACT same issue (well, a 95% accuracy because we're not the same person) and as far as I know, it has no "name", maybe because its a combination of a few things- anhedonia apathy ect... So maybe it IS a "thing" but its just yet to be explored deeply, casue' its so specific that maybe its some sort of mental disorder of its own. And that's why im posting this post, i want to help people who are/will have/ing this problem. But i NEED more information! when did it start, for how lond did you have this Thing ("Over three years" as some of you said, tells me nothing. How long over three years? four or five years or something around three and a half years?) so i will be able of studying it and exploring it more deeply. So please, comment or send more information to my email: Zovios0@gmail.com A lot have told me to let go, to embrace this void, but I disagree. What will I achieve by giving in? by letting go? Nothing. WE need to fight on, to question, to try, explore, wonder- Becuasegiving up on your emotion, or your feelings, or your excitement is giving up on who and what you are. So here is my advice to you. Try. Hold on. Do not give up. Do not let go. Hope you all find your way, and let me help you.
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