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  1. My Dr said that the nicotine, or other chemicals in the cigarette, interferes with rispirdol, but that's as much info as she could give me on the subject. Thank you for your input.
  2. I smoke cigarettes, does anyone know if they effect how my medications work? I know I get a little anxiety when it's time for another cigarette, which is a natural feeling of the addiction to them, but what about my meds I take for depression? I take Seroquil, Remeron, Depakote and Lexapro.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys, and your both right, the seroquel and remeron make me feel very tired in the morning. Takes me about an hour after waking to gain any kind of get up and go. I believe I used to show signs of bipolar when I was young, but over the years and with meds I have learned to hold down the mania. And I was diagnosed with ADHD also, which made me somewhat hyper.
  4. I have tried a good few medications for my depression, but they either don't work or after several weeks they work well but the positive effects diminish after several days and then stop working. When they stop working my Dr increases the dose but this has little if any successful end result. I then come off the med's and try another, sometimes with the same end result or with no effect at all. I hear and read about people who have been on AD's with positive effects that have lasted for several years, as opposed to just several days like my self. So.....are there medications out there that will work for me long term or am I doomed to feeling like I do until I die? (And by die, I mean of natural causes...lol). I'm on Serequil 300mg SR, Remeron 15mg, Depakote 750mg and today I began taking Lexapro 10mg, which I tried many years ago with a positive effect for only a few days. My Dr says that with the rest of my med's the Lexapro may have a longer more positive effect this time round. In addition I am a (recovering) addict. I had ten years clean and relapsed. I'm back in recovery and am 3 months clean now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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