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  1. Hey all. 31 year old female. I joined up because I've gone downhill and I'm considering going back on ssri's. Had a major depressive episode with acute anxiety and some psychosis in 2014, came off them October last year. Before that I have history with anxiety but its no longer a problem for me. Depression however is. Life is going pretty good for me right now. On the surface of it anyways. Got a job I like, a house, a boyfriend, my four kids and a dog. So the only reason I can work out for my utter lack of interest in life, the resignation, the feeling of being disconnected to everyone and everything around me, is of course, depression. So here I am, I'm going to try gather support for going back on the ssri again, the start up with them was beyond horrendous but it can't be any more horrendous than just existing. And I'll try offer support too. See you all around.
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