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  1. I like mytoecold. His channel isn't exclusively about mental illness, but he suffers from depression and he talks about it in a casual way that makes me feel less alone. He's also one of the few youtubers who can make me literally laugh out loud. Hannahvancouver is also a good mental health vlogger, but she hasn't uploaded in a few months.
  2. Hi. I'm just venting. I lowkey want to die right now. I'm not gonna **** myself or anything, I just kind of want to die, you know? You probably do know, considering the fact that this is a depression forum. All year the girl I've been best friends with since preschool has been turning down my offers to hang out, claiming she has too much homework. I didn't really believe her, but I just told myself that I was being paranoid and clingy. About a week ago she ditched me on a concert that we had been planning on going to since March. I had to eat $40 worth of tickets. Today was the last day of school, and now I know that she's finally done with me; she won't even answer my texts. When I ask if she's mad at me she just says "no.", and then continues ignoring me. I tried to talk to her in the hall and she literally turned away from me while I was in the middle of a sentence. I try so hard. I even try not tryin hard and playing cool. I'm not mean, and although I am shy I try to talk to people and be polite. No one likes me. I don't have a single friend. My parents want to send me away for the summer. I don't want to stay at home, but I definitely don't want to go away. I guess I have no choice, they're going to send me away no matter what. I don't want to **** myself, I just want to fade away or melt into the ground. That's all for now. If anyone actually reads this feel free to vent I guess.
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