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  1. Another bad morning but not as bad as usual! Still little appetite and struggle to get many calories at all...but the evenings have been way easier to deal with.
  2. Called the doc today and he took me off the Deplin...so I will continue on the 20mg...I feel much better this evening and hopefully it sustains!!! Thanks so much for your help Bhorout, it really has helped me!
  3. I do suffer from depression but I was only diagnosed as GAD. This is really the first spell of depression I've had that's so bad. Can't sleep right can't eat and barely functioning enough to go to work. Intrusive thoughts are also a major problem. I know it gets worse before better but I'm having trouble understanding why this is happening 5 and a half weeks into the dosage increase?
  4. Thanks so much for the quick reply! It only took maybe 2 weeks when I started it, but where it worked the first 4 weeks and now the intrusive thoughts and depression (which I never have) are coming through is very troubling!! I will give it the full 8 weeks and hopefully I will see these thoughts diminish and I will feel better!!!!
  5. Hello, I've taken 10 mg of lexapro since April 2013. It worked great for me for GAD until lately it seemed to have pooped out on me. My pdoc recommended to go up to 20 mg and add 15 mg of deplin to the mix. I felt great for the first 4 weeks but now in week 6 I've relapsed into the worst depression I've ever felt in my life. Really discouraging because I felt so good for weeks! Is this just a sign that things are about to get better? Or a sign that the meds aren't working? Any help would be much appreciated!
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