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  1. I finished trucking school on August 26th. I made it through phase one training - 3 weeks on the road. What a ride! Drove through heavy traffic in Los Angeles, cliffs and mountains of Utah and Colorado. It's been really hard. Some days I don't know how I can possibly do this. It's been one step at a time for 2 months, And I still have much more to learn. One thing is for sure, i don't regret trying this and as hard as it is I feel alive.
  2. I tried bone broth today. I hope it helps my ibs. It's supposed to have a calming effect too which might help with anxiety. Found some today at the grocery store in 8 ounce servings. It's a little expensive, but I like it so far.
  3. I've not had this problem at 22.5mg. I have read that it can both cause it and treat it.
  4. Anxious about leaving for truck driving school. My family is really supportive, but I know there are things I have to get through on my own. I'm focusing on the separate steps needed for this to begin. The next is pass my CDL permit test.
  5. I want to start truck driving school soon. Being unemployed with few prospects has become tiresome. I will talk to the recruiter tomorrow to see if I can get in next week or sometime this month.
  6. Research what its like to be a trucker. A seemingly impossible career for me, but fun to think about.
  7. Just back from a walk and I feel light headed. Off of Effexor for 3rd day - withdrawal just feels like I'm tired and a little brain-dead. I go back to the psychiatrist on August 2nd. What a bumpy ride this has been.
  8. Walked two times tonight with the last time at about 1:30 am. Once I get past the "I don't really want to do this" feeling its all down hill.
  9. I might be done with effexor after a month. Its just too stimulating, bowel cramps, temper flares. It seemed to be doing some good, but I guess a month is long enough to know. I will stay on 30 mg of mirtazapine till later on.
  10. I've never heard of a chicken and oatmeal dinner. Maybe that is something I could try one night.
  11. I have had problems with this when going for a dentist appointment. It seemed to help if I skipped breakfast and just drank water before going. This may have just been in my head I don't know. Maybe you could try eating light before you go.
  12. I have heard about this too, it can actually be healthy to be hot (or cold I think). Dr. Rhonda Patrick has some good info on this regarding heat shock protein.
  13. I walked for 10 minutes around my neighborhood. It was a little scary with it being 1:30 in the morning.
  14. I have been on Mirtazapine for 2 years. It was somewhat effective for treating my IBS, but at a dose around 15mg. Now I am taking effexor and the mirtazapine to combat insomnia. I plan to work up to 75 mg effexor and stay at 15mg mirtazapine.
  15. I would like to work a full-time job with a good company. I want to contribute to the success of a company and be seen as an asset to be cultivated.
  16. You don't have to apologize, I think we are here to try to support one another. It sounds like you have a lot going on. A good medication could help if you try, and if you don't find the right one the first time there are so many others.
  17. I think sometimes it may take more than a couple weeks to adjust to the medication. I'm taking effexor and remeron at very low dose, and I'm still trying to get used to the nor-epinephrine effects.
  18. I'm changing therapists next week to see if there is any difference. I have been going to the one for almost 2 years and for whatever reason I feel worse at times. Its confusing because I know there is work to do on my part also.
  19. I'm a day away from my temporary job ending. I thought I would be hired permanent, but I think my hospitalization interfered with that. I've had to cancel my cable t.v. and make other adjustments so I can have the essentials. I try to think about what I do have and how it could be worse. I hope to get hired in an office somewhere rather than another labor job.
  20. I'm on the thin side and I gained a little weight on it. I tried getting of mirtazapine after a about 1-2 weeks of tapering down to 7.5mg and then half of that (roughly). I noticed some disturbance in my sleep. Another drug that is supposed to be good for sleep is Amitriptyline, due to its sided effect of sedation. As for GAD, it doesn't work that well for me, I noticed increased anxiety as I upped the dose.
  21. I can relate to trying to recapture good feelings you may have had with antidepressants. After switching medications for another, going back to the original did not feel the same. Of course I'm not the same person I was 2 years ago either. I have a hard time letting go of my past, who I was, and how I felt. The only real thing now is the present and moving on to hopefully something better.
  22. I went to the psychiatrist and discussed my medication. Its a local health department and the wait time was 3 hours today due to computer trouble. I thought I needed a different medication, but the psychiatrist didn't agree seeing as though I've been in the hospital twice in the last month.
  23. Self loathing thoughts can really suck. I have been experiencing them over the last year and I don't know how to turn it off. It may have been losing my job, relationship and other struggles. There has to be a way to experience loss without beating up on myself.
  24. I have been taking Mirtazapine as well. It does help with sleep and appetite, but not very much for my depression. At higher doses it is less sedating.
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