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  1. I finished trucking school on August 26th. I made it through phase one training - 3 weeks on the road. What a ride! Drove through heavy traffic in Los Angeles, cliffs and mountains of Utah and Colorado. It's been really hard. Some days I don't know how I can possibly do this. It's been one step at a time for 2 months, And I still have much more to learn. One thing is for sure, i don't regret trying this and as hard as it is I feel alive.
  2. I tried bone broth today. I hope it helps my ibs. It's supposed to have a calming effect too which might help with anxiety. Found some today at the grocery store in 8 ounce servings. It's a little expensive, but I like it so far.
  3. I've not had this problem at 22.5mg. I have read that it can both cause it and treat it.
  4. Anxious about leaving for truck driving school. My family is really supportive, but I know there are things I have to get through on my own. I'm focusing on the separate steps needed for this to begin. The next is pass my CDL permit test.
  5. I want to start truck driving school soon. Being unemployed with few prospects has become tiresome. I will talk to the recruiter tomorrow to see if I can get in next week or sometime this month.
  6. Research what its like to be a trucker. A seemingly impossible career for me, but fun to think about.
  7. Just back from a walk and I feel light headed. Off of Effexor for 3rd day - withdrawal just feels like I'm tired and a little brain-dead. I go back to the psychiatrist on August 2nd. What a bumpy ride this has been.
  8. Walked two times tonight with the last time at about 1:30 am. Once I get past the "I don't really want to do this" feeling its all down hill.
  9. I might be done with effexor after a month. Its just too stimulating, bowel cramps, temper flares. It seemed to be doing some good, but I guess a month is long enough to know. I will stay on 30 mg of mirtazapine till later on.
  10. I've never heard of a chicken and oatmeal dinner. Maybe that is something I could try one night.
  11. I have had problems with this when going for a dentist appointment. It seemed to help if I skipped breakfast and just drank water before going. This may have just been in my head I don't know. Maybe you could try eating light before you go.
  12. I have heard about this too, it can actually be healthy to be hot (or cold I think). Dr. Rhonda Patrick has some good info on this regarding heat shock protein.
  13. I walked for 10 minutes around my neighborhood. It was a little scary with it being 1:30 in the morning.
  14. I have been on Mirtazapine for 2 years. It was somewhat effective for treating my IBS, but at a dose around 15mg. Now I am taking effexor and the mirtazapine to combat insomnia. I plan to work up to 75 mg effexor and stay at 15mg mirtazapine.
  15. I would like to work a full-time job with a good company. I want to contribute to the success of a company and be seen as an asset to be cultivated.
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