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  1. thank you for George1 and Ambrer. i will appcet your good advice. have you seen movie <limitless > acted by Bradley Cooper , zoloft is just like NZT for me in this 9years. without zoloft i can't win my on career and get my wife. however for my future baby i can abandon all of this. so i stopped zoloft after 9years. but to be honest, i cant control my OCD now. and is easy exhausted by some trivial affairs. i need to overcome it for this period but i real have not good method without antidepressant help. i only insist on stop medication. and i doubt i wil live with zoloft forever. please forgive my terrible condition. sorry.
  2. I had been off Zoloft for 3months after taking it for 9 years.i taper off it slow enough and decrease 10% every month. now i feel insomnia and irritable and not well. I had stand the crossroad of life about select whether to continue take Zoloft. zoloft make me happy in these years. i had gone to see two psychiatrists: one told me antidepressant can't be taken lifetime because of its side effect and he never see anyone take antidepressant forever. the other psychiatrist told me OCD is like diabetes or hypertension. if you didnt insist on taking antidepressant, OCD must reappear .It's just a matter of time. so could you give me some advice?
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