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  1. NoWow I meant to reply earlier but I napped hard today, also I discovered a lil slice of heaven today Eat chocolate waffles with real maple syrup az naked and nap whenever. It's the bees knees, has to be real maple syrup not that aunt jamima stuff you buy anywhere. But yeah I can see alcoholism headed my way since,. It sounds cliche as hell but after a long day ain't nothing better than a cold alcohol (or 3, chill I don't drive the work truck. That guy downs 4 everyday WHILE driving) to relax on the drive home. Oh and I previewed that book on Google and I's offended that you think but I realized that I write like an abused soft more. All that aside what do you do for a living? I always talk about me ? for some dumb reason. Also guess what suicidal did now? You ain't gonna believe it
  2. ******* well my Bros baby momma tough she was the baddest woman on Earth until her world came crashing down when someone put her In her place, literally this chick was the embodiment of nobody caint tell me nuthin. BUT BUT someone was like I ain't havin that and crashed her psyche, so 9 am ol boy screamin (my name) COME IN HERE, hard. I'm playing battlefield 1 so I'm annoyed af, I go BOOM she keeps going on about "I don't have anybody, I don't wanna bring this baby into this I'm gonna pull the trigger!!!" (PS the entire time he like SHOOT MEE GET IT OVER WITH!) And I'm in the middle like y'all shut the **** up damn. 9am I just got some McDonald's trying to chill. That woman done pointed the gun at me him, squeezed the trigger on me before she snapped the safety off to fire so back to square one for like 3hrs before I talk her down with some you got more to live and suggesting waysshe could change her life and all that bs. So after all that she comes down gives me the gun and I'm like "**** both of y'all all this BS this early y'all can handle it from this point on." I cursed a whole lot more during that incident but still glad to be alive About this construction job : it's mainly moving bricks up scaffolding with my manly man hands (they're like sandpaper now) and same with cement. I hate the job site cuz it rains on and off so without a long board to walk on you sink into the ground like 11inches every step and there's SO MUCH EQUIPMENT. Today I almost got paralyzed by a dolly moving a pack of bricks if it wasn't for some plywood on the ground and I got a bump the size of a baseball on my but from God knows where. Also as a matter of fact I'm not even depressed anymore. Being down is bad but doing this everyday makes depression look like nothing. I really rambled this time dayum hope y'all read all of it?
  4. Honestly I'm the same way just take a few Xanax before work, everyone copes a different way. Being introverted is hard in a place where people expect comedians on command, I had to get over it pill free, and boy do I miss smoking. Don't worry bud 8hrs at a time you'll keep on living
  5. Today was crazy af Morning time had to talk down a suicidal pregnant woman with a gun to her head and a jerky trigger finger at 9am. Like Jesus h Christ the lady muzzle swept the room like 13 times before she finally calmed and handed me the gun. Now I thinking I should be a marriage counselor Currently debating between a blog or a journal honestly , but right now in bed with the mutt, I'd post a pic of her too but somebody might recognize her from social media but here's some sage. Round 11am got talked down to by some community college guy in line at the supermarket getting some lunch because of my clothes ( that's it I'm getting a damn journal now). Nike slip ons with black socks basketball shorts and gray t- shirt. Do you guys let your professional professions dictate y'all's judgement? Apparently I'm ghetto lol Came home no job found but the construction job found me????? so now I gotta be up at 6 and I ain't done that since September of 2016 anyways. I'm ****ed
  6. Didn't post yesterday but staying true to the thing here goes Drove around (half job search/enjoying the sunroofs) had ate Whataburger till around 11when I'd gone door to door on the entire eastside just to get looked at up and down and told "we're not hiring" or "go on the website". After that waste of gas came home did my pull ups (forward facing hands wide grip) and had beans rice and mail order bison steaks. Y'all?
  7. I don't know but approximately 2 32oz bud lights is the magic number for me no hangover or Mike Tyson tatts, but lil guy right there is friends with my pits they run to him whenever he cries out. I be damn ed if he ends up actually being a swan or a goose idk I can't tell the difference. Actually got him to fatten him up and dip him in some sweet and sour sauce along with a brewski but I love his ass now anyways how is you feeling?
  8. @Maryy honestly if you wanna vent again tomorrow go for it . I started this thread so people would know that someone cares as for me today I'm raising this turd machine called a duck but it's ok I'm efin drunk and honestly I like knowing more people around feel the same way.today I'm slept all day because I felt lonely and wanted the day to be over. It is the simple things in life here s a pic of the Barsteward just so u know I'm not lying
  9. Today same ol thang raising this duck named aflack. Took like 5 naps, spit some fire to keep the mouth strong, and had a pulled pork sandwich, overall bored as heck
  10. Most of the time we just talk about ourselves and people come around and try to cheer us up with something motivational like ( take your pick) bit why not DE- press about depression? Everyone come share a bit and come back read and the next day do the same thing again. That way IDK maybe we'll look back and cut out some stuff or add into ya know, I'll post again tomorrow
  11. So most of the time I come I just whine about my own relapses, so time to hell with it, what did you guys do or watch? What y'all eat? What did yall experience today and at what time? Also *** are you guys doing right now and who ticked you off? I'll start: Job search, watched The Simpsons and played battlefield for a bit, thought about random things and adjusted the garden because the plants are getting there (putting love and effort into something helps a lot) did 30 pullups and had some chicken tacos to finish it off. Now GO (PS: wanna vent go for it with everything I gotta learn to care about people again anyways)
  12. You described my life (except the pecker thing I can do bad on my own:) anyways MF we all need to release at one point I'm with you on that. Therefore cheer up EF the world EF everybody, you a soldier for going through that honestly speaking me personally I would've gone in the "permanent solution to a right now problem" if you need to talk some more just message me you ain't alone in this. Just a observation
  13. So I'm sitting here 11:29 central time it's a regular night just staring at the bon fire and how are you guys doing? (Whenever you get to this) Anyways the whole spontaneous depression thing... It's, don't know, something. For some reason days some days im on fire like I could just **** accomplish fix and just do anything I love that feeling, and then for no *******ed reason I crash. For example: I was unemployed single and my car was messed up and I had $59 in all and I never had anyone to really click with. Look at that, the reasons I just put down is it that we crave money companionship (and even when were with someone we well I still crashed) that group feelin the community people want to belong. It drives us everyone wants a team whether it's sports the military even being a nationality. Folks want to say "I'm part of that group and my groups better". Like are normal people normal because they do the traditional thing following said program passing it on (BINGO) like are gotta's and don't gots what gets to people? The literall weight of these things and the action of "letting it all go and taking a deep breath" HOW DOES IT EXIST???? Sure your problem is around the feeling is manifested on you, kinda like a fog that's in your eyes and brain but here's my take everyone's got a cross to bear. you're bearing it right now it's heavy (Jesus was just a man to) heck maybe cross is the actual flavor of life, it's the thing tthats begging to be done.... Sure that but um how about everyone else who's weight (not picking you look great in that pic by the way) the mental one isn't pickable apart . Mines is sometimes about what I lack and other times as above its just is and it's inexplicable. See it just is and great just great lost my $58 through a hold in my pocket what a bummer. (PS: left out too much religious stuff cuz whether it's vegans Prius owners or stoners eeeeeverones got their take or they just wanna let you know how much they looooooove just love their :_______ . Like have you ever seen someone wearing a shirt with mehff on it? Lol good night and hope to hear you all's ) (((PPS: looks like a long paragraph full of questions sorry Im new at this whole typing thing)))
  14. Hey I'm something but yeah, like take this opportunity to re invent yourself since you feel you're fading, like why not try a new style or just do something crazy like hopping into a pool from a roof. Or playing with fire? I spit fire for fun although I could burn my face off at any second and end up horribly disfigured I keep going for the rush. Maybe you aren't even depressed maybe you just need something extreme in your life (not skydiving extreme but something to shake you up) eff something up with a sledgehammah gurl!
  15. hèll IM managing a warehouse full of people I got full on liberosis
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