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  1. I may have not been clear in other posts but I want you to know I'm not pressuring him to seek help or to get better, all I'm doing is holding him and comforting him when he's down, I am aware that it's 100% his choice in what he wants to do and I don't want to push him into anything at all. It just happened that he realised that he didn't want to lose me and what we have, and I consider myself very lucky to have had this outcome.
  2. Yeah I'm definitely gonna stick with him and him help through this, I aalso kinda hope though in time he'll decide to seek help like you and your boyfriend have done. And I'm glad to hear you and your bf are doing well. :) Thank you.
  3. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. I'm glad my story gives you some hope. My boyfriend isn't fully recovered as of yet either, he's currently going through alot of family stuff which happened mid July, so he does still have his moments of sadness. Just keep reminding yourself that whatever hurtful remarks your husband is saying, it isn't truly him, he probably won't see himself and his depression as a separate thing but just maybe try get a counsellor or someone involved, he might not approve but it could be better in the long term. Idk it's alot more of a difficult situation considering you're married and I hope with time he'll recover. The main thing that got me through was just holding onto hope that he'll return to how he was, and looking at the small signs of love/care that remained in him.
  4. Hi just got on now to see your reply and this part caught my attention even though it was 2 years ago he and his previous girlfriend brokeup and it did appear that she just left him out of nowhere in times of need i presume too, he also said she took advantage of how much he liked her and would make him feel guilty if he didn't agree to things etc. --- But anyway as an update for anyone who is interested. In about early August during a spooning session (after he begged me to come cuddle) he whispered "i love you" in my ear :D Finally aha. He as of now is still getting used to saying it he says and he doesn't want to say it too often (before we'd say it numerous times a day which looking back does seem too much) but im okay with that because it surprises me now still when he says it out of nowhere :D If I can give anyone advice if they're going through the same thing, I would absolutely stick with them (as long as they're willing to too). It was a very hard summer and I did cry alot but now we are like back in the honeymoon phase again and it's amazing :D Thanks all for your advice in helping me through this difficult time, I appreciate it loads!
  5. Hi again! Things did seem to get better until today when I told him to stick with me and that I'll help he said "i have no other choice" and that just broke me then. And a mutual friend told him to either give us another go or to stop leading me on. He got scared then,crying loads,saying stuff about how everything bad that's ever happened was his fault (his depression i assume), he was scared of losing me, probably scared for us too. And then he asked for some time alone and I agreed to give him however long he needs to think. That only happened about an hour ago so I'm playing the waiting game now,hoping he'll come back to me. And about his parents, I am quite close to them (they seem to love me anyway),I have his mums number but he has told me he would never tell them about his depression so i feel like it's not my business to say anything. But they would help him i know it,it'd hurt them in the beginning because he's their only child as she wasn't meant to have kids and i can't imagine how'd they'd feel if they hear about how badly depressed he is. Sorry if my reply is all over the place,I'm not exactly "with it" right now so anxious.
  6. Hello, I'm sorry to hear what has happened in your past relationship. I agree with plenty of want you have said. I am also huge into communication and that's why I find it so frustrating to not be getting much effort from him,but I always keep reminding myself that its not truly him being like this. I have been messaging him on facebook just to make sure he's ok. An update: I have left him be for about 6 hours and I gave in and I sort of have him talking to me. He now says that he doesn't make me happy, that I'm always sad because of him. I've been trying to convince him otherwise but he's not believing it. I have maybe failed to mention I have a little bit of anxiety and maybe I'm a bit more emotional than other girls, so when he starts to have a break down,of course I do too and now he thinks it's his fault. Does anyone know anyway to convince him that he really does make me so happy?
  7. we haven't had any disagreement at all that i know of,cause he never really says if i've done anything wrong so i assume everything is okay when maybe it isn't. But to me anyway it just seems like he's in so deep now
  8. sorry i meant to say i want him to at least want to talk to me in 10 days. I am aware his depression will take years to be worked on. I'm sorry for the confusion
  9. standup- awh thanks, that made me smile. I feel like helping him is all I can do,it's a shame not everyone is as understanding in this world. I hope he'll get out of this slump soon so I can maybe discuss therapy without upsetting him The thing is now, should i talk to him regularly or talk to him like every few hours? I want to fix this before we have to go to the UK to meet his extended family (will be my first time meeting them) in 10 days.
  10. ParadoxiPaladin- I'm sorry about the triggering post, but I'm glad it has given you the opportunity to get you story of your chest. Sorry to hear what has happened to you. Maybe those thoughts you've had are what my boyfriend is experiencing now. It's hard to talk to him cause it just seems like he doesn't want to make the effort. Thank you for your reply and I wish you well in your recovery :)
  11. That just seems awful and sadly I've heard stories similar to yours alot. It's a shame people don't understand or imagine themseleves in others shoes. I'm sure you'll find someone who really does stick with you throughout
  12. standup- I'm sorry to hear what you've went through. Like my idea of loving someone is being there for them in their darkest hour and helping them get through it no matter what and that's what I want to do with him. I'm not talking to him as often as I use to in order to give him space to heal. I do check up on him every few hours to see how he is but it's the same. He's started talking to our mutual friends again though so maybe he's almost there.
  13. Ignis- I understand what you're saying and it's fine, it's good to hear what may happen and to have someone be realistic Loistarr- It's so hard to be able to get time to myself cause even when im with friends or trying to watch tv im constantly being reminded of him. I'm so happy to hear that you and your boyfriend worked through this and managed to come out stronger,it's exactly what I'm praying will happen. I am willing to sacrifice my own sanity for him, cause I know he's worth it. His happy times really make up for these dark times. I think he would defiantly stick by me without a doubt. I hope that maybe when he's back to being himself again that he'll look for help, i've told him before that there's only so much I can do. thanks for your help :)
  14. Hi ignis, I want to stick with him through this no matter what. I just hope over time he'll seek the help he needs. He is my world and I love him unconditionally and I refuse to let go of what we have. I know it's only a small bump in the road and when we get over it things will be better. Is there any way I can tell him to seek help? I should probably add that I don't want to leave him like this cause that's what is last girlfriend did. Thanks for the reply, it's good to get an opinion from someone who went through what he's going through.
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