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  1. Since my last post I've realized that most people don't take that in combination but I'm surprised you have to taper off the Celexa before going to the Effexor. My doctor just jumped me straight to the Effexor and I didn't have any withdrawal or bad effects from it. I was only on 10mg but still. Also, going to Venlafaxine seems to be the next step for most doctors after an SSRI doesn't help. Although if you can manage to make it through the cutbacks, the Effexor is amazing for anxiety, it is the only thing getting me through the day right now.
  2. Yes they are normal. I tried several antidepressants before finding the combo that worked for me and had this happen on several of them. One made me, like you, very energetic and happy for a few days and another made me flat out angry. Antidepressants affect everyone differently but if it is still working after a month, then it should stick. I've been on mine for a few months now and still going well. I still have some depressed times, like now, but overall I think if it is still helping after a month then you should be good. I hope this helps.
  3. There isn't anything wrong with that. It took me ten years to get my degree. I was working full time and doing a few classes each semester. Even that was hard and I felt the same way. Seeing everyone from high school graduate by 22 and I didn't until 28. I wouldn't worry about it. It's actually a bigger accomplishment working towards a degree while dealing with other things. I consider it easy and less fulfilling to be one of those who go full time and have everything paid for them. Having to work for it like you are actually looks good to employers down the road. Just keep going and it will be worth it.
  4. I've been on 225mg of Effexor and 1mg of Rexulti for just over a month now.
  5. Personally I use Effexor and Rexulti, and it is an amazing combo for me. Effexor completely removes my anxiety and Rexulti handles my depression and gives me the motivation to actually do things. I'm no doctor but I will always recommend these two. Especially Rexulti.
  6. It was the hardest thing for me to get through last year. I even started seeing a therapist the very day after because I'd never been so depressed as I was then. Even my Mom was able to tell but I just played it off like I had a rough day at work. I'm so thankful I have some working meds now but even so I'm still wondering if here in four months if I'll be trying to find a way out of my annual birthday at my Mom's.
  7. I'm the same way. When I have plenty of energy I can be in an amazing mood, sociable and easy to smile and laugh. But when I'm tired, either from a rough night of sleep or after a long day my mind starts to shut off. I withdraw and the biggest problem though is my mind seems to slow down. I can't process things as fast, social wise. And like you said the depression just gets worse, the negative thoughts are stronger and harder to fight. It's all very strange how my medication can do such amazing things but only when I'm not extremely tired.
  8. No it most definitely does not. I find myself without friends anymore also. But now you have everyone on this site as your friend. You're with us now my friend.
  9. I was thinking about the whole just be yourself thing as well. But I really hate it when people tell me that. Right now myself is a shy, awkward, depressed guy that no girl is going to be interested in. Not to mention I'm almost 30 and still into things like video games and anime. Instant turn offs for all but women with the same interests, which by the way seems extremely hard to find. Probably because they are at home playing video games and watching anime lol.
  10. See now I want one of those shakes.
  11. I take Effexor twice a day and have skipped doses with no problems, usually just one dose at a time though. I think if you still take the required dose every day you will be fine as long as there are six hours between doses. And yes the zombie part went away, at least for me, within the first month. I also haven't had any weight gain from it yet.
  12. I've been on both of these. When I took citalopram in the morning it didn't give me the insomnia side effect but I was also only on 10mg. The venlafaxine was also bad for me when I started, the first week and especially those first few days, I was extremely tired. It did wear off and I ended up entering a nice calm state after that. Have you thought about taking both? The side effects might offset each other. Or what about trying Rexulti as an addon to the Venlafaxine, that's what I'm taking and it is the best combination of meds I've found so far. Also, what dosage are you taking?
  13. I didn't know about these other things! I guess it's to be expected that 2016 wouldn't have our holiday faves.
  14. Where are the white fudge oreos this year? I need my fix.
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