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  1. I have been on Cipralex for about 12 years now - I'm on 20mg's. I found when I first started them, they were fantastic and did help with the panic attacks and depression however as the years have gone in - 12 years on. I do feel they are in need of being changed but the problem there is - I am extremely sensitive to AD's, therefore it's really hard to find one that does not give me side effects. Just over 2 years ago, my Psychiatrist tried to change my AD's to "Citalopram" but to be honest, these almost sent me over the edge completely so I was put back on Cipralex. It's got to the stage where I am only existing everyday, have no interests at all, avoid talking as I don't feel the strength to do so and when I do, I ramble (talk very quickly) another thing how my family know I'm not right. I do feel at my wits end, don't know where to turn, what to do, hate who I am, hate everything about myself and that black hole is getting closer and closer to me. So I think the best thing to do even though I am so sensitive to medication is when I go back to my Psychiatrist (hopefully very soon rather than later) ask to be put on something else as the Cipralex just are not doing anything anymore. Don't get me wrong, I was put on 30mg's of Cipralex which they only do on rare cases (I guess I'm one rare case) but it made me feel like a shell so they put them back down to 20mg's. I do know the last time I was at my Psychiatrist he wanted me to have an ECG done and wants one done a yearly now - so Cipralex must be known to give fast heart beats.
  2. Hello, I'm pixielow, 44 years old and wife and mother to 2 teenage daughters. I myself have been suffering for 18 1/2 years - started as post-natal turned into Clinical Deep Depression. Each day is basically like just existing, it's horrible and I feel so much guilt because of being ill for so long - I also suffer from severe anxiety along with panic attacks. I really hope to make some friends amongst you all as I hate feeling so alone even though I have a great husband. My youngest daughter currently suffers from depression too and now my eldest aswell - both are 18 and almost 20 and I cannot help but blame myself for this because of how I am and suffer which is breaking my heart too. I'm not very good at introducing but it is good to find you which I thank you for.
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