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  1. Buy The best Wheels for ps4 and pc Thrustmaster VG T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel for PS4, PS3 and PC. Nascar heat. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for PC
    Logitech Driving Force G29 Race Wheel, Force Feedback Steering Wheel for PS4.
    Personal Trainer. Hall of fame bowler for St. Joseph and for Missouri. 

    I believe there is a corilation between Hard Work working out. Hard Work on your diet and hard work at work. They are all tied together. If you work out hard that will 
    spill over to your work life. If you work hard at work you will work hard when you work out. You have to have the will to win. Will yourself to do things
    that make you successful. Will yourself to go farther dig deeper embrace the pain embrace the suffering. More pain more gain. More pain more growth. Growth 
    is happiness. You have pain...pain will turn to growth and growth will turn into happiness. Get the fundalmentals down. Praying, Encantations, packing
    into the stream of life. 
    2.999 Billion dollars
    3. play and enjoy video games
    4. Bass boat
    6. Inspire others
    7. Be a good son help my parents
    8. Keep my room and desk clean
    9. Save money
    10. Cultivate self-dicapline
    11. Concerts Lots of them
    12. Take time out to read
    13. Take time out to do encantations
    14. Enjoy and have passion no matter what
    15. Get better each day at my job Cultivate the will to win
    16. Be a role model in AA
    17. Save people with my sober experience
    18. Inspire fat people
    19. Make st joe better. 
    20. New Wardrobe
    21. Jordans Timberlands Nike's rebook assics
    22. Mercedez Bens Suv
    23.The 2017 GLE350 SUV MERCEDES-BENZ
    24. MERCEDES-BENZ 2017 GLE350
    25. Help my dad retire
    26. Power boat
    27. Give back books to the poor.
    28. Give Cortland and Max 25 dollars
    29. Gibson Les Paul
    30. Pearl Drumset. 
    31. Electronic Drum Set
    32. Good peddles and recording studio.
    33. Be in a band with Reid.
    34. Help my sister and Ben.
    35. Big Ass chains
    36. 999 Billion dollars in my 401K
    37. Travel Across Europe and take Crabtree with me.
    38. Be a good stand up comedian
    39. be a good motivational speaker
    40. Be a good teacher and a good spirital leader.
    41. Give my mom lots of money to gamble with.
    42. Give mike some money
    43. Alienware computer a good gaming computer
    44. Xbox one. Battlefield one. Mass effect 3. Nba2k17 Madden 17. Project cars. f1 2016. 
    45. Elder scrolls skyrim.
    46. Have big parties with pretty people. 
    47. Go into business with the guy in westport.
    48. Have a taco truck
    49.  Give clothes to people who need it. Books as well.
    50. Brooks Brothers outfits Jos A Bank ties brooks brothers trousers. 
    51. Go to Tony Robbins, Eckhart Toole, Tyler Workshops.
    52. Give back to Mo West and help draw in recruits. 
    53. Bose noice canceling headphones
    54. Good gaming computer. Huge screen for gaming. Iracing set up. Racing wheel Shifter the works.
    55. Boss 302 or 429. Camero 1968
    56. Own a Nascar or Indy team
    57. Drive race cars. 
    58.Ferrari 488 GTB
    59. Pay Chrystler 200C off
    60. Dentist and doctor checkups
    61. Change Oil in Chrysler
    62. Floss. 
    63. Listen to Motivational speaches. Tony Robins. Zig Ziggler. Get the basics and the fundlemenals down
    64. Jane From breaking bad date that lady. Kate Windslet and the brown headed girl from 2 broke girls
    65. Meet Mike Tyson. Donald Trump. Obama. Joe Randa. Kobe Bryant. RSD crew. Eric Thomas. Elliot. The Rock. Drew Carrey
    Tina Fey. Alec Baldwin. Meet Eckhart Toole. Crew from RSD. Alex Gordon. Meet Dale Earnhardt JR
    Meet Dale Earnhardt JR. Meet Tony Stewart. Meet Alex Zanardi. Meet Dave Grohl. Meet Metallica.
    Meet The Urge and hang out with them. Meet Carrie Underwood. Meet Lonely Island. Meet Lebron James
    Meet Tom Brady. Meet Eric Berry. Meet Derrick Johnson. Meet Sidney Crosby. Meet Roger Espinoza.
    Meet Mike Sweeey. Meet Rusty Kuntz. Meet Bill Self. Meet Perry Ellis. Meet Tim Duncan. Meet Eric Clapton
    Meet Chipper Jones. Meet Ben Gibbin From Death Cab for Cutie. Meet Choheed and Cambria. Meet Tony Robbins. 
    Meet Dr. Dre Meet Craig Fergison. Meet Anthony Bourdain. Meet Kyle Busch. Meet Megan Fox. 
    Meet Wayne Gretzky. Meet Black Keys. Meet 311. Meet Incubus. Meet Karl Icon. Meet Warren Buffet. Met Oprah
    66. Travel to other Nascar, Indycar, F1 tracks. Watch the races. Make friends so you can watch the races together.
    67. Buy A million books
    68. Help others write out goal lists.
    69. have a six pack with big arms. 
    70. 64 Impala. 2017 camaro SS. Jeep Trailhawk deep blue color. A low rider. 

    You work hard at work. You cultivate the will to win. You will yourself to do things that you know is nessessary and right to do. 
    You work harder and harder each day. You push at work and that will spill over to your workout. You work out hard.
    You don't cut corners. You work harder and harder each day. That will spill over to your career and work life. You
    work hard with AA and workout hard going to meetings. You work harder to be more and more into AA and to help people
    That will spill over to your career, to your workouts, to your diet. You work hard to give to relationships. You give
    more and more that will spill over to your career, to your workouts, to your diet, to your AA life.

  2. Saturday I saw some progress by using your will and skill to be happy and passionate like it is your job. Clock the **** in like Raphael Miller.
    Sunday I saw progress. I lifted weights. I got some new songs on my mp3 player. Setting up thanksgiving and beyond with good music. Walked. 
    The more you do well at working the more that translates into other facets of your life. Music-Career-Working out-Game-AA you have to start 15 minutes early.
    Put in Max Effort. What you put in is what you get out. On a scale from 1-10 you need to be in a peek physical state. 

    Welcome to Monday. Your job is to be thankful for the life that you have been given. Pretty simple actually. Just consider yourself to be lucky.
    Smile, be happy, be passionate, be grateful. Do your best. 1. 999 billion dollars is your goal. 2. inspire others. 3. Play and enjoy video games
    4. Read as much as possible. 5. Mercedez Benz 350 SUV 6. Chiefs KU Royals Concert tickets Mavs tickets Sporting KC tickets. 7. Cultivate your
    self-dicapline. 8. Get your oil changed. 9. Set up your dependants. 10. Control and direct your focus on your mind. 

  3. All those feelings are just emotions. Handling and managing emotions takes a lifetime. There are others that feel like you. I know it sucks and I know you feel better. Somewhere in your heart I hope you know that it gets better as long as you keep yourself alive. The good news is "Giving up" can actually bring you sense of peace. The more you try to squeeze a cat the more it wants to run off just like peace. Thanks for the post!

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