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  1. Hi. I was just wondering... What ever happened with you? Did anything work out? I didn't realize this until very recently, but four years ago I took Wellbutrin to quit smoking and within six weeks, I ended a twelve year relationship - whom I'd met and fallen in love with when I was 16 years old - the father of my children - my soulmate - my husband - and started dating a 20 year old. ***??? How many times have I thought 'what the f was I thinking?' and how I've tried to justify it and move on, but can't... I just connected the dots. I remember my quit date was Jan. 12th. I told him I wanted a divorce just days before Valentines Day. And I didn't quit taking the Wellbutrin because I had no idea I wasn't acting normal. After a few years and a few attempts at Wellbutrin to quit smoking, I realized that Wellbutrin makes me crazy. The time line fits and I know that's what happened before. Like a complete personality change?
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