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  1. I was originally prescribed 50mg then it went up to 150mg and now it's 200mg. My doctor looked pretty worried today when she prescribed me the zanax. I must be in denial and I am going crazy and this is their nice way of saying it.
  2. Hi all, I'm a 22 year old girl on 200mg of Sertaline (one a day) and 0.5mg Zanax(one a day) and I also take Melatonin 3mg just for sleep. My Doctor wasn't the most explanatory person. She didn't even tell my WHY she put me on these. She just told me to take them, but I have a genuine fear of these tablets interacting together and doing some funny business in my body. I just want to know why would they put me on so many drugs? It makes me anxious cause I think I'm in denial with how bad I actually am ? Does anyone have any feedback or advice that could ease my mind? Thanks so much ?
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