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  1. This is my first post EVER to a depression forum, although I've suffered with Major Depression for the majority of my life. My life feels completely out of control at this point. I quit my job after 15 years, working in social services. It became too burdensome to try to help others with their issues, when mine were blaring in my head daily. Also, I felt extremely hypocritical telling others to "get their lives together" while mine was falling apart. Now, I feel so worthless not working, although I quit my job to have time to work on myself. Well, I've not done that. I've spent 6 months sitting on the couch watching television EVERY SINGLE DAY! I had so many projects that I wanted to complete and NONE have begun. I have ZERO motivation to get up and do anything. My body is so tired and I know it is from inactivity, but I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING. I am extremely lethargic and apathetic. My husband is very supportive, but he doesn't understand depression completely, so he sometimes believes that I should just will myself out of it. I have the opportunity to do anything that I want to do right now career wise. I can start over, but I cannot get up off the couch. HELP
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