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  1. Flower fact: The name "chrysantheum" comes from the Greek chrysos(gold) and anthos (flower).
  2. Wow. Just wow. The winter brings out the poets in us.
  3. There are 2500 types of apples grown in the USA. Today I bought a Gala apple at the local food coop (this one was grown in Washington State).
  4. Woke up a bit earlier than usual. Went out to a local diner for bacon and eggs. It was good to get outside early and see the morning sunshine.
  5. Johhny Appleseed (John Chapman) was born in Massachussetts in 1774. He planted apple trees throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. He is buried in Indiana, where he died in 1845. The apples he planted were not really eating apples, and were often used in cider.
  6. nightrose

    bad day

    I just checked and you were the one giving amazing facts about automobiles. I downloaded a trivia book from Barnes and Noble (on deep discount) just so I could keep up. When you feel better, we can exchange random facts about the world.
  7. nightrose

    bad day

    When I feel nauseous, I try to eat really bland food. Rice, bread, applesauce, bananas. Probably drinking water to rehydrate will help. I'm sorry about the brokenness. With me, it is more like an incredible fatigue at constantly having to fight off the sadness. I read really light happy novels to help with the pain. Some people color, or read comics, or play video games. I am a terrible artist, but sometimes jounaling with colored markers and using simple drawings has helped me express my feelings. Good luck putting the pieces back together. I vaguely remember that you did some really great trivia at DF - sometimes I do the simple word and number games because they are one way of feeling that I am still connected to other people.
  8. @MarkHollywood Good luck! You may find that you have wierd dreams at night for the first week that you are off effexor. I know I would have intense technicolor dreams when I would go off effexor for a period of time.
  9. @sunset44 There is a really good one by Max Ehrmann that some people quote here. It begins "Go placidly among the noise"... I think you can find it with a Google search. I actually have it from a small insert in Woman's Day magazine from long ago. I particularly like the phrase, "You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here." I also like the poem "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver. There are also the Loving Kindness Meditations of Thich Nhat Hanh. Sometimes, I repeat these lines when I am meditating: May I be filled with loving-kindness. May I be well. May I be peaceful and at ease. May I be happy. I hope those helps. I think everyone has different affirmations that helps. I'm not deeply religious, but I also find Psalm 23 to be comforting sometimes. Be well. Remember that you are a child of the universe.
  10. nightrose

    bad day

    How are you doing now? Did you manage to eat?
  11. I think some women would accept someone without experience. It depends on how you present yourself. Not all women want someone to care for them financially, but you do have to put youself out there at a time when you are not feeling good. Good luck!
  12. It has been a very sleepy day. Woke up, had coffee and toast, posted on a different site, read my email, and checked facebook, and then slept for two hours. @sunset44 Good luck with the negative thoughts! I have several affirnations that I use to help deal with anxiety and negativity. It took me a while to find the right ones for me, but repeating them or reading them helps me.
  13. It is hard. You are in pain from something else, and still trying to heal. That was a good letter. But also forgive yourself if you mess up, especially since you've been dealing with other stuff.
  14. How are you doing?  Saw you logged in.

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    2. nightrose


      Ativan sounds good (just one).  Under the blanket and snuggled up sounds good.  We're here.

    3. RiverLight


      U are the best!!!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

    4. RiverLight


      @nightrose THANK YOU so very much for being there for me last night... if it weren't for you & many other DFers who stepped in, I may not be here right now. BIGGEST HUGS!!!!!! And many many thanks! U are a true gem!!! :hugs::icon12:

  15. Have you tried therapy? Walking, yoga, and light box tratment are other non-drug ways to help with depression. Walking in the woods and gardening also help me.
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