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  1. I'm going through a health scare, over the next week I'm having tests to find out if something serious is wrong with me or something simple is causing my symptoms. But right now I'm honestly terrified, I really think I'm about to have a panic attack, all I can think about is how it's probably the worst things I've read about online and the test will say I'm dying. So please will someone talk with me? Maybe that has been through a similar situation.

  2. I have very intrusive thoughts of horrible horrible things. Any time I hold a gun in my hand the intrusive thoughts start of the damage I could inflict with it, to the point I have to put the gun down. This also goes for anything that could be used as a weapon (hammers, knives, chains, bats, etc). So I simply don't touch these things, maybe you should follow my lead and never change diapers again. Turn your dilemma into a win.

  3. You're upset by misfortune when you should consider yourself lucky. There is a way you can lose your weight even if you haven't found it yet. You may have to put some very very hard work into it but you CAN lose your weight. I've met numerous people who've had medical conditions that affect weight, they put in the hours and diet to make a change and they was successful. I know it's no fun working harder than what's necessary for the same goal but if you want it bad enough you'll get it. Now for why you're lucky, I'm hideously ugly, there's no way of fixing it. I can exercise 24 hours a day and get the perfect physique but that will NEVER change the fact I'm the ugliest person I've ever seen (literally). So you're lucky. I'm sorry to be insensitive, I don't know what you've been through, but people like you (the way you appear to me right now) make me "disgusted". You have a problem you can change and you whine instead of change it. I would spend countless hours reshaping my bone structure if it would make even the slightest of differences, I would do anything short of plastic surgery to look normal and you whine over something you have the power to fix.

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