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  1. Hey all, I'm really sorry, I've been fact-checking and that video: "10 Biohackers Who Turned Into Superhumans", is propaganda with exaggerations and/or lies in it. I also got convinced that Sandy Hook from 2012 was a hoax because of a video where the victims' siblings were singing at the Super-Bowl choir.They weren't on the Sandy Hook victim list, but were show in the hoax propaganda video along with different children who were best matched to look like 6 of the actual victims. I feel pretty stupid that it took me so long to realize. Makes me feel disgusting. I wish people wouldn't make up fake stories. @SpiralingMind:-- CRISPR/Cas9 works on bacteria and above, but it doesn't allow you to alter the (RNA or DNA) of viruses because it kinda hijacks the process taking place when a virus tries to inject (RNA or DNA) into a cell. The cell has a defense mechanism where it tries to re-code and neutralize the gene expression? Instead of a virus, it uses what I'm pasting below to have it be activated instead of neutralized, essentially adding the gene to the cell. : CRISPR “spacer” sequences are transcribed into short RNA sequences (“CRISPR RNAs” or “crRNA”) capable of guiding the system to matching sequences of DNA. When the target DNA is found, Cas9 – one of the enzymes produced by the CRISPR system – binds to the DNA and cuts it, shutting the targeted gene off. Using modified versions of Cas9, researchers can activate gene expression instead of cutting the DNA. These techniques allow researchers to study the gene’s function. I think a different group of people are able to code a virus somehow though, and are working on improving it and figuring how to let others use it with an upcoming open-source multip-platform. it's just that programming viruses could potentially be very dangerous so it will be interesting to see what happens since there aren't any laws/regulations really yet in that area. They do have these type of treatments being tested against cancer and have been effective, able to infuse virus's that only attack and destroy cancer cells. The plan is to be able to cure cancers on a much larger scale. Cancer is not caused by a virus, so that works. But I'm not sure how they even alter the (RNA or DNA) of a virus right now or if it is possible without a specialized environment.... Going to have to look and see if there are different sized viruses and if they would be able to change each others' codes. Interesting question, can't wait till all these projects start to be combined into one common web-browser, cloud-based, open-source platform called Project Cyborg after beta is finished and released. To use the software they have together and achieve 4D printing: https://www.autodeskresearch.com/projects Lol , wow , I just started, and can barely type about this without stating falsities. Going to have to study all these textbooks I torrented and wait a long time before I can properly describe something without giving incorrect words.
  2. 10 Biohackers Who Turned Into Superhumans -- this one blew my mind Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9 -- they did a pretty good job with the 3d animation and simple explanation of this tech, should be getting Nobel Prize soon Is Unregulated Biohacking the Future of Science? The $140 Mail-Order CRISPR Kit -- rebel biohacker who worked at nasa for 2 years and was kinda disappointed with lamo government programs What is CRISPR? -- a little more technical explanation by a man
  3. yes, but sometimes the feeling can build on itself to a point of extreme complexity, and for me it feels like the only way out is to deconstruct it backwards... but truth is you can just let it go if you want
  4. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You - Alan Parsons Project
  5. saw this on Ted Talks a couple months ago, but didn't know it actually got on regular news! Whooo knows, it going to have to be explained somehow, sounds like something new either way? This guy's pretty good at being a media figure that for sure. " The leading hypothesis, based on a lack of observed infrared light, is that of a swarm of cold, dusty comet fragments in a highly eccentric orbit.[12][13][14] Many small masses in "tight formation" orbiting the star have also been proposed. " "The changes in brightness could be signs of activity associated with intelligent extraterrestrial life building a Dyson swarm.[9][15][16][17] The SETI Institute's initial radio reconnaissance of KIC 8462852, however, found no evidence of technology-related radio signals from the star. " ..most likely nothing but i really hope there is something smarter out there that will help us out.... long time ago when used to astral project i found myself inside a planet somewhere out there in astral body and chased out by the energy of some wormlike creatures probably in water since not on the surface... or just insanity... but no one cares if there are worms in space
  6. did ya know that you can get direct connect wired internet using your power outlets? you can buy them called "Power-Line adapters" on amazon.com or wherever... It's not wireless internet, but you plug an adapter into power outlet near your modem/router then connect those together, then another adapter into any outlet in your house and can run an Ethernet cord from there to your computer.... Can go through floors without worrying about wireless signal interference and without drilling holes in ceiling to run a 50 ft cord. Pretty neat! Not sure why this is just starting to get used, must take some computing to send the internet signal pulse through your electrical wiring, but it really works https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power-line_communication " Power-line communication (PLC) is a communication protocol that uses electrical wiring to simultaneously carry both data, and Alternating Current (AC) electric power transmission or electric power distribution. "
  7. http://www.aquarius-technologies.de/download/TheChemistryinContrails.pdf http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/nasa-thefutureof-war.pdf
  8. play video games..... lay down and try to imagination an alternate fantasy reality until sleep hits and hope the dreams continue it. drink a ton of ice-water until i'm bloated and focusing on the feeling of all that water in my veins instead... pace back and forth.... turn off the lights, put headphones on, blow a loud fan on my face and pretend i'm safe with nothing to worry about
  9. If grammar is lame, what does that make you're mom? Never underestimate the _______ of _______ if you have to ________ when _________ quickly.
  10. the jabberwacky really likes one direction and i just now figured out how that works when i looked them up on google and thought one was a french girl, but now i think i understand... it is good to understand
  11. then I realized maybe y'all should teach me ur ways so we can all advance to the next
  12. In Flames - Only for the Weak In Flames - Free Fall Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet Dark New Day - Brother A Perfect Circle - The Thirteenth Step (Full Album) MARILYN MANSON - THIRD DAY OF A SEVEN DAY BINGE Deftones - Change Earshot - Wait Radiohead - You And Whose Army? New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too GROUPLOVE - Gold Coast Andreas Vollenweider - The Glass Hall Bob James - Angela (Theme From "Taxi") Chevelle - The Red Muse - Plug In Baby JUNIP - Black Refuge
  13. well had some unpleasant dreams other night but gonna forget about em.... Dreams ended interesting though.... in my room in bed but still dreaming, and our dog sandy from childhood showed up there and laid next to me with warmth, and then a bright light that moved kinda like a faerie was zipping around vividly in front of me and i got scared for some reason didn't know what it was -- think started yelling out halfway in RL.. woke myself up then the birds starting beginning chiriping cus either I woke them up or they had just woke up too like they do early early morning and start conversation with each other... so maybe the zippy light that woke me was the birds somehow, heh?
  14. and really have no idea what i'm doing on a forums like this .... with nothing else really going on .... how sad that life just exist on the computer.. i mean isn't there more going on out there?? in a way that is equally unimportant too i guess, but i feel like i shouldn't be typing on forums right now but then what else would be doing?? =\\... wow i'm sure most people have all this important stuff going on and i just sitting here on the computer... wonder when if ever it will change
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