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  1. I understand everybody has limitations. That is totally okay! I just want to say the Exercise of any amount, even if it's just walking 1 min longer in your own home then you have been used to, is a positive thing for mental health! Most people think it's only good for physical health, but the fact is we are all animals. We have gotten used to living in ways that don't give us nearly the amount of exercise we are supposed to have. So by doing even a little bit more then we are used to, it makes up for some of that, and that makes not only our physical health better but also our minds feel better. Is it no substitute for other therapy/recovery plans, set forth by your health care providers, but with some exceptions of course, I think almost any of them would agree, for almost any case. Gradually doing a little more every so often is good, just don't push yourself too much. If you're sore of overly exhausted, that is bad. Just do something. Anything increase is better then nothing. With the very few exceptions, any mental health condition can be aided by this. If you just physically can not and are physically bed bound or whatever the case may be, that is okay. Just stick to whatever your health care providers are saying, and keep reaching out here. Good luck everybody! I wish you the best!
  2. That's nice! Totally up to you, but my thoughts are that: you should tell/express to him that you really liked his help, and being able to support him, and just the attention/interaction in general. I'm sure he feels the same way even if it doesn't always come out that way. I wish you the best going forward!
  3. I am going through the same thing as you. For the last 3 years at my job it's made my depression worse. I started by getting counselling. Changing roles, transferring to different positions, then going part time, then back on medication. Each step helped, but my doctor eventually suggested I take a couple months off. Then I am going to go back to most likely part time at something totally unrelated. I would suggest trying the same steps I went through before quitting. Maybe, those will be enough, I signed up for courses at UDEMY and told everybody I was doing school when I went part time. Going part time was nice. Perhaps you just need to change jobs. IT could be anything. You are not alone. Good luck!
  4. I know what you are saying Hermitic, and yes I have only spoke to my mother twice in the last 8.5 years because I have such horrific problems with her. Despite that I have forgiven her, and moved on, but it's still just best if I don't talk to her. Having said that though, jben819 said " I try my best to limit myself but it ends up coming out a lot more aggressive and depressing than what I intend it to be. " and this has resulted in his mother saying what she did. Perhaps his problems with his mother are not are serious as yours or mine. It sounds like he is not being himself around her lately. Yes that is mean of her, but not necessarily enough to exclude her from his life. So yes you are right, he shouldn't go to specifically her for support. Some people just aren't meant to be supportive, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are terrible and should be excluded from his life. Perhaps, if he can get over his depression or at least feel a bit better, then his issues at home will naturally work themselves out. If possible it is good to preserve family if there is still hope of something positive. If she is bullying you even when you've been nice to her/patient at home/not complained to her in a while, and she has no excuses, then yes distance yourself from her. But she probably is overwhelmed herself and grew up with no support of her own, so she just is at her limit. It's not your fault jben819. Just look for support elsewhere. Maybe distance yourself from your parents enough to give them space, and see if things get better. If they do not, and she is purposely going out of her way to upset you, that is different, but ya just keep reaching out here. I am very distant from both my parents. I just don't have that in my life, due to my mother's unique-extreme-destructive-selfish-insanity. So I'm not telling you to try and preserve a relationship with her for the sake of unconditional love, like some people saying what I am would be. I don't have that, I don't talk to my mother, but perhaps you can still make things right. Depression is serious, and it's hard to deal with when you're young. Counselling like Natasha1 said is great. There is services online. There are hotlines, help lines, lots of resources. Good luck. I wish you the best!
  5. I saw Sloth's at the aquarium and it made me think of both you and this. Yes aquarium is correct, they shave Sloth's for some reason...

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    2. George1


      I guess they just fit in where ever they please. Interesting animals!

      They are known to be slow, and sugar is known for making children hyper....

      Maybe that's all they need, a good sugar rush! If I ever get the chance, I'll give one a bucket of sugar for the sake of this conversation.

      Do you give Sloths Sugar?

    3. SugaredSloth


      Well, you know they move so slowly to conserve energy. Their bodies can take a weeks to metabolize a stomach full of food.

      So...I'd try just one sugar cube to start!

    4. George1


      I was thinking 2 would be okay

  6. I love my Wife! With her I don't worry about anything. I trust her, I forgive her, I know she always has the best intentions for me. Automatically I think of how something will effect us, rather than just me. One of our favorite things to do is just be together, cuddling, basically just doing nothing. Doing nothing together, is a happy thing! Doing nothing with "just a friend" is boring and awkward. I don't often have 110% trust in friends comparable to what I do with her. I can get mad/defensive at "just a friend", with her I get mad at myself for having upset her. When I see she is happy, it makes me happy! When I see she is down, I want nothing more then for her to feel better(which sometimes requires my patience/silence, which can be hard...) I could keep going on and on, this is just what comes to my mind at the moment.
  7. That noise when you turn the TV on to a channel, that isn't actually a channel and you just see "snow" (the white/black random fuzz).
  8. paxil and prozac together? That's rare, most doctors would be scared of Serotonin syndrome! Adderall can be hit or miss with Depression/stress, I understand if you need it for ADHD, just something to think about. Anyway, just keep reaching out here. When my life fell apart after a bad end to a relationship, I moved to another city where I didn't know anybody. Started exercising a bit even though I didn't want to, and together, that gave me the break I needed from everything and exercising promotes good mental health in every way just as much as physical health. I also had medication and therapy, but it wasn't until I moved away and started trying to be a bit healthier, that that made a big difference. Other people here will have more specific advice. Sometimes just typing it all out so you get it out helps. Like I said just keep coming back here. Good luck, you'll get through this!
  9. You're on the right track! You came here and vented. Keep doing that, and there are a lot of people here that can help you out with advice, just listening, etc. You will be okay, just keep reaching out here. Other people will be able to offer you more specific advice then me with this. They'll see this soon enough, or you can always go to chat or make other posts. Up to you.
  10. A little while before you know you have to drive, try drinking Chamomile Tea. Chamomile is a flower that naturally raises GABA activity, which is our body's own anti-anxiety medicine. If you don't have enough, it can lead to you feeling the way you do. I hate driving too. When I'm with by wife I let her drive. We rented a scooter in Bermuda, and I didn't feel comfortable on mine so I rode on the back of hers. Nobody's ever called me a loser. I don't doubt that's that's ever happened to you, but when you worry and panic and feel anxiety over something like that, it always feels like everything is worse then it actually is. I always talk about how I don't feel comfortable driving for various reasons, and just say it's not for me and it's not a big deal, we just move on to the next sentence like normal. If your friends are laughing at you for that, then perhaps you should try to spend less time with those particular friends. I wouldn't consider anybody my friend who would laugh at me over something I didn't want to do. Maybe once or twice casually, but if it was a real serious thing like that, then they are being mean to you. Everything will be okay when you get in a vehicle. Just do your best, and don't get a job that requires a lot of driving, and you'll never actually be pressured by anybody but yourself to drive with skill. You can always lower the amount of pressure you put on yourself. I am not good at driving, and I don't like it, but whatever. When I make a mistake, I really don't like it, but I am not hard on myself about it either. I just kinda laugh at myself(in a good way) thinking nothing harsh against myself, and just move on. So what if we miss a turn, hit a corner, or w/e, just being in a car is a luxury compared to having to walk/bus, you'll still get there way faster. Then just don't drive when you don't have to. Good luck. I know this stuff can be easier said then done, but my points still stand. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you don't like driving.
  11. What is the price of Hawaii and why is it forsale? In order to build a _________ you need __________ and __________ otherwise __________ __________ could happen!
  12. I replied to both of these together below. Like you said everybody reacts differently. Lexapro gave me a ton of side effects, and made it so I was totally lethargic/apathy. I just wanted to watch the already dried paint on the wall dry more. I had like no drive, and my thoughts and feelings were dulled(good ones to), brain fog, etc.. SSRI's tend to do that(zoloft, celexa, paxil, lexapro, prozac). I'm on Pristiq a SNRI, which leaves my mind clear, I can focus better and have energy when I need it, and feels like a natural mood lift more than any other antidepressant. Effexor is similar but less expensive, more serotonic/sedating, but can cause more side effects. Effexor is closer to being like a SSRI then all the other SNRI's. Cymbalta is another SNRI, more people report side effects, but it is more energizing then Effexor, and tends to work well if you get passed the side effects. Cymbalta is medium high priced, less than pristiq but more then effexor.(antidepressants are still WAY cheaper than smoking, drugs, and alcohol though per month...) Remeron is unique(it works differently then most antidepressants), it's excellent for falling asleep and works well for most people. It also has less people reporting side effects than other antidepressants. I found it did work well, but made it a little hard to get out of bed. I just wanted more sleep, but once I got up I was fine. Some people say they continue to be tired during the day, but that goes away after a week or so. Like I said once I got up I was fine. Wellbutrin has nothing to do with Serotonin. It is more stimulating then anything. It actually doubles as a quit smoking drug(Zyban the smoking one is the same thing, they are both Bupropion) It helped me for 5 years. I stopped it for 2 years, but realized I was getting worse(depression wise), so went back on it, and my depression had changed so it wasn't quite the same. The second time it helped with side depression symptoms, but not my mood/outlook on life, which is the core issue. But like I said it worked well for me for 5 years, it also has very few side effects compared to other antidepressants, and tends to be effective for a good amount of people who try it. SSRI's like lexapro might work for you, but I find they promote a very blank emotionless sort of state, which is better than depressed, but I personally prefer the ones I just mentioned. Think about Wellbutrin if you need a aid to keep away from cigarettes. It's obviously best to stay away from smoking if you're able to. Anyway, good luck to everybody who reads this. I wish you the best and hope you feel better
  13. Welcome! Yes being sober is extremely beneficial for recovery. It is a very challenging thing to do, so you should feel great about that! The fact is, anything that intoxicates you directly effects your neurochemistry, so if your feeling depressed or have any other sort of difficulties with mental health, it can make recovery a lot harder. Everybody says the key is moderation, but everybody also defines moderation as anything that wont wind them up in rehab, so I don't like that saying. I don't drink or do anything at all anymore. It's been 8.5 years now. A lot of my old friends are total addicts, so I don't really associate with them any more, and when people want to casually go for a drink, at first I felt like I was obligated to have one myself, and it was always a difficult situation, but after saying no thank you enough times, it's no different then saying no to a kind of soda I don't want or what ever, it's not a big deal any more. I am much happier without any of that, and I feel it constantly! Getting intoxicated just totally throws that all off, and I know that ahead of time, so I just don't bother. I'm actually repelled from it now, I have 0 desire. Anyway I like to blab, welcome to the community here. Everybody here, likes to help each other out. Good luck. PS. It's easy for people who aren't you to judge you, think you're happier than you really are, and be generally supportive and brush off the depression. Reaching out here, therapy, being sober, generally trying to improve yourself, is all the right things to do. Those people who say that to you, simply just aren't you, it's hard for them to know exactly what's going on in your mind. Considering you can still appear to be happy to them is a good thing. It's easier to recover considering you still have that, than if you felt the same but were always outwardly negative as well. You're on the right track! Good luck
  14. If you ever get a Einstein for a pet, don't be surprised if it analyzes all the electronics when you leave the house for Disneyland. Monkeys actually invented the __________ , by _________ and ___________, it's true!
  15. I should get up even though I don't feel like it, to try and fix my sleep pattern
  16. I always like to take a Pony with me, when I visit my spaceship, because if I don't, my BBQ will explode ________ ________was fun, except Spiderman wouldn't _______ ________ _________ , so everybody left
  17. Lexapro(Escitalopram) and Celexa(Citalopram) are virtually the same thing, though I personally found Lexapro more potent. Celexa is 2 molecules, both mirrored but otherwise identical. 1 is particularly active as a SSRI, the other is not. Lexapro is just Celexa with the inactive molecule removed. The inactive molecule could perhaps be actually active, just in a different indirect way, dulling out the other one, it just hasn't been studied as much. This is the only reason I can think of why Lexapro is more potent, but ya like I said I felt it to, even knowing that. Anyway technical stuff aside. I know Celexa/Lexapro are great for a lot of people or are just what they need, but I really feel they are over prescribed. They are theoretically the least side effect prone SSRI's because the are they most selective towards Serotonin. But this is where I think science/researchers overlooked stuff and over generalized. They are basing that fact upon the fact that old Tricyclics which are prone to a whole slew of serious side effects, hit a number of receptors. So they figure the more selective the better. But that has proved to be over generalized and just not always true. Okay now I'm done with the technical stuff. Lexapro even at less than 2.5 mg, the usual target dose is 10, some people on 20mg, gave me more side effects than any other antidepressants. Brain fog, Worsened Apathy, My shirt would be 100% wet with sweat when I woke up, it induced restless leg syndrome, had a minor impairment on my dexterity, se*ual difficulties, 95% inability to eat. Wasn't thinking as sharply. And I get none of that from Pristiq, Remeron, Wellbutrin, OTC's, or anything else. So this does go to show everybody does react differently, but Lexapro/Celexa do commonly cause apathy, se*ual side effects(especially in men), and others. For people doing well on it great! It obviously works for a lot of people, but I just think it's not for everybody, and it's more common then it probably should be.
  18. You said you want to hear stories about events like these. Mine isn't exactly the same but reading yours totally reminded me of it + it'll help for me to just get out there once again: I found an iPhone, brand new. I contacted the service provider (FIDO), and they said just give it to any of their stores and it'd be taken care of. But the person I gave it to stole it for himself, and therefoer Fido never got it, and the person I originally emailed about finding it gave all my contact and personal info (except my exact, current address) to the owner of the phone and said I had it. Fido never admitted that they lost it while in their possession, leaving that person to believe I still had it. He called and messaged me for months straight, right through Christmas. I was terrified and it is upsetting to think about still. I ended up ignoring him all but once when I tried to lay everything out as it was to him, but this just made him more mad. He thinks I have stolen his phone, and based upon how FIDO handled the situation(just used me to cover themselves so I couldn't sue) made it so I had nothing I could do to show this person that was not the case. I was terrified of this person, and now I'm afraid of success because if my name gets out on anything I ever accomplish then I'm afraid he'll slander it. Anyway, after a few months of that I called the police. I got a brand new, super young, super nice, probably his 1st real case cop. It seemed like he was as nice ans easy going as legally possible to this guy who thinks I have his phone. So this guy kept harassing me. I had to end all my online everything, ask some places to voluntarily blacklist me so my details could not be recovered under any circumstance. Buy out the remaining 2 years on my phone contract. All of that worked, and I hope showed the police officer that he needed to treat the matter more seriously, but I have no idea what happened. All I know is I haven't heard anything and it's been about 2.5 years now, so I think I'm in the clear. I moved so I should be okay physically at least. First of all F**K You FIDO, I just have to get that out sometimes, they really have caused me a lot of distress! Anyway back to you Its been 2 years, you don't know this guy in person, he is causing you to be scared, don't get involved with him! Run away from the situation, he is obsessive. Sure you can look at the whole he's hurt cause you didn't talk to him thing, but it's not like he's your brother, or your husband, he's just some guy you know online. I used to be obsessive, and figured out it was my worst trait, it almost ended my life, and my mother's the same way and it totally took over and ruined her life. So I know it first hand, it's bad and to be avoided. You'll never win with an obsessive person. IF it was like your brother, or long time husband I'd be suggesting ways to work it out, but you are still safe, you don't know this guy, he's just somebody from online, online is where a lot of these crazy things originate. Please be safe, don't get involved before it's too late. You don't owe this person anything, you really don't. I read a story about a girl in France whom was a journalist, and she posed as a girl wanting to run away to I**S in Sy*i*, to get first hand information directly from a te***ri*t, and kept it up for a few months, but then she almost got compromised, and hearing your story really reminds me of her experience. I would advise you to stay away. She did her best to send one last, somewhat comforting, message to try and ease tensions before eliminating all contact, which helped a bit, and possibly prevented worse problems. But once she decided for her safety she has to stop talking to this guy over the internet, with messengers, over SKype, etc. She never turned back. Now she is safe. Everything will be okay. I wish you the best.
  19. Watch where you set your dog; I've heard that helium will expand those things unless they are fake Don't take _______ from the ______ unless you're _______ on Tuesday's
  20. I just wanted to clairify Mirtazapine = Remeron. When I tried Remeron + Wellbutrin together, I cut myself. I haven't had any desire to hurt myself in over 9 years. Togerther they made my depression much worse. Wellbutrin was allright by itself, but didn't mix well for me. I strongly advise avoiding it with Remeron together, but Remeron alone is usually not a problem for most people. It is excellent for falling asleep. It made it really hard for me to get out of bed(I'd always feel like I needed more sleep) but once I finally did get up I was fine. I haven't tried Doxepine, but it is comparable, and effective. If sleep isn't an issue though, then no point in sedating yourself, otherwise it'll train your mind to expect that in order to sleep. But ya if sleep is an issue, then it'd be worth considering one of those. Otherwise whatever your doctor says, and you saw my first post. Sorry Tiros, I just wanted to clairify about Mirtazapine being Remeron, since he's on Wellbutrin and when I combined both it made me worse. But yes alone or with something else, Remeron is usually good.
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