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  1. Welcome to the site, Kristine~ My heart goes out to you. : ( I hope being among us will help you progress towards more positivity. Don't hesitate to tell us what's wrong, or how you feel. : 3
  2. Thanks, everyone. I miss my kitty cat soooo much, but he lived a good life. And I'll always have his memories (I kept his food bowl as a keepsake). As for the cheating bf, I'm just taking that as a sign he was not the one I should be with for an eternity. There will always be a chance for someone else to come into my life. And even if it doesn't happen, I'll heal and function on my own happiness.
  3. Right now, I'm so emotionally drained. My head feels funny, and I can barely type this, so I'll keep it short. Today, my cat was put to sleep and cremated. Poor creature had CHF, and I didn't want it to suffer. To add to that, I found out my boyfriend was in another relationship. This is the SECOND time I've caught him, so I ended it. Needless to say, I'm not doing well at all. I'm literally just sitting here with a tight feeling in my head. I'm just venting in this post....
  4. This was aggravating to read. You deserve much better than this. They're not your friends. If they do not have enough empathy to realize the struggle you're going through, they're not for you.
  5. I have these moments when my anger feels uncontrollable. They are few and far between, luckily. I like to describe it as "panicky anger." My back feels cold, my mood switches back and forth from angry to crying, and I lose all rational thought. It's 'painful' in a sense, and it leaves me crouched over and frozen. I don't know what it is, exactly. Just curious if anyone has ever felt this/ something similar to this and can tell me what it is? It leaves me in a state of immense hate and irritation. I felt a mild version today, and needless to say, I do not enjoy it. Funny thing is. After its over, I feel better...
  6. : ( I'm sorry you experienced this today. Kids are unaware of their words and how much they can hurt another's feelings. I myself don't find much comfort around them... ~hugs~
  7. Coffee? Nah. I don't mess with that anymore unless I really NEED it. I've learned my lesson with caffeine. As for video games, depends on my motivation. Games are such a part of my life and have become such a routine that they are not as therapeutic as they used to be. In fact, I haven't picked up my game in a couple of days, or maybe a week. But if I have the energy/willpower, I'll play them.
  8. So, currently having some severe anger problems right now. Tolerance is low. And I feel like I need to break something. I'm restraining it by typing, and watching videos. Everything is making me irritated... I thought I was doing so well... Oh well. Maybe I should lay down.
  9. Be able to be fully content with myself and live life in harmonious solitude.
  10. I grew up listening to funk, R&B, 70s, 80s music.... Michael Jackson, Prince, etc. My dad and mom played all sorts of music that they listened to during their younger years. Fun times. After awhile, I decided to venture to find my own preference, and stumbled upon drum and bass and other EDM. I stuck with these because 1) I liked the sounds and the beats, and 2) it gave me something that made me different from my other peers. Something that made me feel unique. Music keeps me...or makes me motivated. It also helps keep my mind from wondering on negative thoughts, and calms me down.
  11. Yeah. There's a reason horror/mystery/suspense have become my genres. Animated movies and documentaries as well. I don't like to be 'fed' the plot. Or if I'm going to predict the plot, I hope there are some interesting twists within it. I will admit I DO like to see the explosive bang-bang movies every once and awhile, just to feed my need for adventure. I don't get excited about movies as much as I used to, though. (Independence Day: Resurgence is a current exception, lol : 3)
  12. I'll try answering these as well. These are all my opinion, of course. x3 I like answering questions like these~ PREPARE FOR A WALL OF TEXT! 1) Unfortunately, our society is heavily ran on social interaction, and jobs are kinda hard to come by. So, introverts usually have jobs similar to their extrovert counterparts. Money is money, after all. Working with animals, being self-employed, etc can lessen the amount of human contact an introvert may experience, but...human contact is going to happen regardless. I really don't know ANY job that is completely without socialization.... 2) Appearance wise? Hard to judge. Everyone has fashion preference. An introvert may like to wear a style that would easily attract attention (gothic, lolita, etc.). An extrovert may like to wear more subtle clothing just for comfort. There isn't a distinct difference that can be pointed out. Personality wise? Introverts tend to be more reserved and enjoy solitude. Extroverts are outgoing and enjoy the company of others. Again, depends on the individual, ultimately. There are always variations. 3) Intelligence and attraction are subjective, I'm afraid. I will say...just in my opinion, introverts seem to be more likely to establish their own ideals than follow how others think. When you spend time with yourself, you have more opportunities to find out who YOU are without much influence from other people. I know I have. And I'm glad. 4) I'll speak from personal experience here. I did well academically. I still do well. I don't participate in study groups, and often...I learn stuff on my own because I find the classes inadequate at times. On the flip side, I lack alot of extracurricular activities/community services on my resume, which helps later on when you try out for scholarships, grants, etc. But honestly, you can do those even after school. I say all of this to say....Being an introvert makes you more independent in your learning. You rely on yourself more. But, you risk missing out on social opportunities and connections that can help your future. Again, this is just what I've experienced. As for high school, eh...I didn't mind being alone. As long as I talked to my few friends and I passed, I was content. I do regret not having a date for the prom, though. Everyone was taken. And the one I wanted to go with wouldn't go, yet he went with someone the next year and...yeah. Let me stop before I go on a tangent. 5) Yep. Being able to express your feelings is therapeutic. Knowing that there are others to support you relieves stress. Hanging out and going out to eat, etc can help keep your mind off of stressful things. Compared to an extrovert, an introvert is at greater risk for feeling lonely/depressed. That's RISK, though. Some introverts are comfortable and happy. I have my depressed moments, but I'm starting to realize that I'm more in-tune with myself than my extrovert counterparts. That gives me much more strength to keep going. 6) Depends on the person. Introverts are more likely to choose their own beliefs, sexual preference, etc, I will say. 7) I say yes. I know I have. The bullies were always in groups, too. Loud and obnoxious parasites. I dealt with this in elementary and middle school. Fortunately, I went to a good high school, so I didn't have to deal with bullies there. I always keep in mind that we are animals in the end. The one with the loudest roar and a pride is less likely to get hunted than the lone wanderer. 8) Of course, there are other things to consider. But. I do think introverts have it harder. It seems that other people cannot fathom the idea of being more reserved, as if it is a character flaw or a sign of weakness. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard "I NEED to open up more," or "I'm TOO quiet." I've been labeled 'weird', 'stuck up', or "too good to talk to other people." I simply kept to myself. I guess it's the society we live in. If you're not running off at the mouth, something's automatically wrong with you. I'm gonna wrap it up here. I feel I've made this longer than it should have, but...once I start, it's hard to stop.
  13. Cats don't sweat all over. Only in their paws. Grooming, panting, and finding shade is how they keep cool. Also, the cougar is the largest cat that is able to purr. Lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars can't, but they have their awesome roars instead. : 3
  14. I'm doing fine today, but I can feel my brief moment of happy feelings gradually coming to an end.
  15. I had some rice. And small crumbs of chips.
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