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  1. as a parent myself something like this would be a nightmare, I get it. but don't focus on the what ifs or the worst outcome. show up, bring all the documentation you have, and fight for your kids.
  2. ah, don't waste the money. he isn't worth it. I am sorry your dad is this way to you. you don't deserve it. as a mother I can say, there is nothing a child can do that would warrant such abuse from a parent.
  3. it could be many things, but from my experience being in a long term relationship with no intimacy could mean falling out of love with the person, no longer attracted to them, growing out of the relationship etc. pushing for intimacy in a relationship is harder than unattainable crushes you see outside of it. How is your relationship otherwise? did you discuss this with your partner at all?
  4. losing a job, even one you hate, is stressfull and soul crushing. but, every day, while your wife goes to work, you can set small, achievable goals for yourself: looking online for jobs, walking around the neughborhood for any help wanted ads, keeping the house in order, etc. making small goals and achieving them can help lift your mood.
  5. you don't deserve a father like this. I am so sorry about yoir mom. were you giys close?
  6. lockdowns, lack of socialization, no job, worse than the virus itself, imho.
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