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  1. I noticed it at the beginning of the second week, just really short tempered.
  2. PAH, I have been on it this is the start of the 5 week mark, shouldn't I be leveling out? I can definitely see the rollercoaster !
  3. I have been doing the testosterone replacement for 15 weeks, I had severe lack of energy and no motivation, i was on citalopram at this point. now my MD placed me on wellbrutrin and the anger outbursts are horrific, glad I have understanding family and friends. now the Doc wants to add Prozac to the mix... is there anyone out there that has been in this spot before?
  4. hey guys and gals, I am new here and it sounds like I am in the right place! I recently switched from citalopram to Wellbutrin, and man is the anger fierce! so now the doc wants to add prozac into the mix, is this a good idea? anyone done this? I am in the frame of mind that I would just rather go back to managing the mild depression on citalopram than mess with all the anger I have now!
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