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  1. How do I survive? I free your knife from my back and lick the blade clean.
  2. Hatchet in hand, I swing, crack your heart wide open, until love pours out.
  3. Spill your name across my lips Like the kiss you left on my right cheek In that crowded bar, been there for a week Maybe three, who’s counting Spin me so rapidly, I can’t keep track Wonder where we’re going now Two steps forward, one step back Doesn’t matter Long as you’re going home with me Where are we going, I wonder I wonder, I... Forget it Take me home, put your hands all over me Make me yours baby Under sunny skies and starlit nights You’re mine, and I’m suddenly I’m suddenly fine Gonna make you want me Make you love me Make you mine Gonna make you need me Make you leave me Make you cry If I let you kiss me Then you’ll miss me When I’m gone I’ll pull the sheets back Take you with me I’ll take you with me Leave the door unlocked, don’t get up I’ll put my keys on the counter next to yours And find you Leave your t-shirt on the floor, I’ll wear it later When my skin already smells of you Maybe your place, maybe mine You’re here, I’m here, and I’m suddenly I’m suddenly fine
  4. I have loved you in all ways, through every season of spinning and growth and regression. When you tore my chest open, you are what poured out. Your heartbeat is not my own, but I still feel its rhythm, still remember its melody like my favorite lullaby, all those nights with my cheek pressed against your bare skin, listening, learning. Perhaps I should not call your heart my own, foreign as it will always be to me. I think it must be this way, not because you have changed, but because I have learned a new truth. However deeply I rested in your arms, I never knew what lay beneath your skin. You can study a love for years, learn their habits, understand their mind... but you can never truly know another person’s heart.
  5. Limited contact. Feels good to have friends to miss, But damn. I miss them.
  6. Forgiveness? Uhh, sure. I’ll forgive then forget you. My heart is now locked.
  7. Devil in disguise The man I once knew and loved How was I to know?
  8. Darkness inside him The depths of his soul, pitch black So hidden, so deep
  9. My eyes never lie Don’t Look at them, unless you Can handle the truth
  10. How can I resist when my chemicals pull me straight into your arms?
  11. Counting the seconds: Six hundred ninety thousand from last sight to next.
  12. Words pour from my hands. Chaos in the writer’s mind brings order in ink.
  13. The tears in his eyes, even though they’re not for me, make it hard to smile
  14. I know this place well Perfectionist prison cell My self-imposed hell
  15. Manufactured happiness At the cost of identity How many times have I found That I am someone else entirely Only for today to maintain And tomorrow to be free again In whoever that day may find
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