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  1. Thank you for that validation. It's truly amazing how prevelent anxiety is during this trnsition. Depression slightly less so but alos definintely a factor. And it's so hard to know when it's likely to start and end! Ugh. I've been re-reading my journal and seeing just how bumpy the past 4 years have been. Really hoping for smoother waters ahead.
  2. My first post here but I've read a lot and found great help. I'm wondering how many women here believe or have been told that their anxiety and/or depression is brought on by or made worse by the fluxuating hormones in perimenopause? I've had life long issues with anxiety and probably unrecognized depression as well but always managed to function prety well. I took a small dose of buspar for years and didn't need anything more. Then at age 45 I hit a huge wall of anxiety and depression that comepletely sidelined me. I ultimately went on lexapro and crawled out of it. Now at 49 I've had a relapse following a hysterectomy, the flu, strep and major stessors. Pcoc has upped my lexapro to 25mg and we're waiting to see if that will suffice. It's week 4 and I'm still in a rough place. If you have had experience with hormonally related mood issues can you share your experiences and treatments? Thank you!
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